You’re Blowing Your Nose Wrong Entire Life !

It’s officially Autumn, and it’s that period of the year, when your body is getting used to a chillier weather, and most of us are going through colds and coughs in this transitioning period.

A running nose is the most common sign that something is wrong with your health. Do you feel itchiness or stiffness up your nose? You might be getting sick.

But, did you know that blowing your nose often and scratching It inside with napkins or even fingers can make it even more stuffed? It’s because of the pressure.

You’re putting additional pressure up your nostrils when you’re blowing and the mucus from inside can go up in your sinuses instead of running out the nose.

And especially at this time of the year, when you’re feeling sick, the mucus is filled up with bacteria, that if become in touch with your sinuses, might trigger an inflammation of the blood vessels in your nose and make it even worse.

That’s why when you continue to blow your nose, irritation, redness, inflammation and swollenness are visible on your face, and even your eyes seem swollen!

The actual medical right way of blowing your nose is one nostril at a time, and with no big pressure – more little blows per nostril at a time.

Putting extra pressure in such a small canal can make it even more stuffed, as we’ve already seen. Also, if you feel very stiffed, make sure you inhale first, or use lubricating spray to loosen up the nostrils and the crusted mucus, making blowing a painless and easier task.

When you’re sick, don’t overdo it with the tissues – a way healthier alternative is inhalation or VapoRub.