Your Personality Is Determined By Your Birth Month

Each of the zodiac singns has its own personality traits, but little did you know that you have some of those personality traits due to the month you were born in.

Here are some of the most amazing – and also absolutely true – traits we have due to our birth month. Read on…

1. January

You are strong, smart, ambitious, patient, and hardworking. Organized and neat, quiet unless it’s necessary to talk, you are very observant and you always know what’s happening around you and have the tendency to make everyone happy.

But besides being all people-y, you also tend to be honest and speak your mind, even when it involves pointing out other people’s flaws, which they might not enjoy so much. You are very stubborn, but you make good decisions.

2. February

All people born in February are intelligent and sexy by nature, so it’s unavoidable for them to have an eccentric personality. They are really honest, extremely independent, but humble in the best possible way.

Very emotional and sensitive, hopeless romantics, but the truth is that sometimes you are having troubles expressing your emotions. You almost never get angry.

3. March

Serene and peaceful by nature with a generous heart. You were born to serve others. You’re optimistic and trustworthy and people love to rely on you. You are also very reserved and shy until people get to know you, and then you show them how much you love attention – both on the giving and the receiving end.

On the other side, you also tend to be secretive sometimes, as well as moody, which tends to confuse your loved ones.

4. April

So much energy, so much dynamics. You are extremely positive and caring, affectionate, friendly, strong, and most of all active. You’re always down for an adventure and you are fearless. Enthusiasm is what drives you in life and you love taking the lead.

However, you’re not patient at all. Sometimes you do before you think, which leads to hasty decisions and a lot of regret.

5. May

Responsible, and practical with a strong personality. Your friends look up to you and you are a role model for the people in your community too. You have a stable character and amazing imagination. You’re creative and find the good in the small stuff. You’re the best cook out there.

However, you tend to be stubborn and uncompromising at times.

6. June

You’re among the most social zodiac signs in the horoscope. You hate being alone and if you are you feel incomplete. That’s why you are always looking for new friends and new experiences. You love music, movies and reading. Your adaptable nature makes you easygoing and polite.

Sometimes you can get serious all of a sudden, which confuses the people around you. It almost seems like you have two different personalities at times.

7. July

Intensely emotional and sensitive, deeply loyal, and almost exclusively attached to your loved ones. You love spending quality time with your closed circle of friends and your family. You usually keep your emotions and your life a secret, so you can be often misunderstood.

Because you’re too emotional sometimes you can become moody, pessimistic and insecure.

8. August

Humor is your defense mechanism and your way of life. You are dominant, confident, and a born leader. People love giving you attention. You absolutely adore holidays with friends and family and you love expensive things. You can have a good time easily.

But at times you can get arrogant and stubborn.

9. September

You’re practical, you don’t like uncertainties and you carefully plan everything to the slightest detail. You analyze your feelings. Well, you analyze everything, to be fair. You’re conservative and well-organized. You love nature and can spend hours outdoors.

Your love for perfection, however, can really annoy people around you because not everyone enjoys having a perfectionist near them. You can come off as anxious and critical, so people might avoid you because of that.

10. October

Ah, the lovely October… You’re just as peaceful and calm as the month you were born in. You need to have a partner in life because you absolutely detest being alone. You love seeking justice and balance. You like equality. You love good books and intelligent people.

But you can be so indecisive. You don’t like arguments, so you’re holding grudges in your heart, which is really unhealthy.

11. November

November-borns are known for their passion. Making arguments and proving your point is what you do for fun. You are resourceful and you love telling the truth. You are a born leader and you make friends easily.

You hate people who are dishonest and fake and you are jealous and secretive. You need to learn some humility and flexibility and adapt to people’s different human natures.

12. December

Amazing sense of humor, extroverted, with an open mind and need for constant change in life. You love life and try to use it to the max. Nothing excites you more than unplanned journeys and adventurous people.

On the downside, you can oftentimes be painfully honest with people who are not ready to hear the truth and you get yourself in an awkward situation. Stop making promises you can’t deliver.