Your Gynecologist Will Never Tell You This Money-Saving Secret

It is a commonly known fact that the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are working hard to keep many information secret, just because if we know them, we wouldn’t go to the drug store to buy medications – we would simply make them ourselves.

Have you ever heard of vaginitis? That is an inflammation of the women’s private parts that is caused by pathogenic bacteria or, fungi. It is so common that it is estimated that it affects about a third of the whole world’s women population.

It is actually a disrupt in the balance of the pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms that live inside, which depends and varies from the age and the lifestyle of the female individual.

They bring up the concentration of lactic acid (pH 4 – 4.5) and thus create an alkaline environment in the female’s private parts, which can be the root of many different diseases.

In many situations, the use of antibiotics can actually exacerbate the problem and bring to fungal infections. Why? Because drugs and antibiotics can increase the dryness and also cause allergic reactions, that can only worsen the primary condition of fungal development.

That’s why we offer some home-made and all natural remedies that have been used for a long time and help in regeneration and normalizing of the microflora of the lady parts.

Chamomile Tea

This is probably the most commonly used natural remedy that helps with vaginitis. Just boil your normal portion of chamomile tea (you can make it slightly stronger also) and let it cool off a bit before you use it to wash off while showering. Use it as much as you want, or at least until the balance of the microflora is restored.


For this rinsing potion you will need to mix 2 little spoons of vinegar with 9% acidity and 4 cups of boiling water. Use it for external washing and rinsing only!

Lemon juice

For this douching mixture, you’ll only need to mix 1 spoon of freshly squeezed lemon with 4 cups of boiled water.

For further prevention of vaginitis and other diseases that attack the lady parts, make sure you use cotton underwear, pay bigger attention on the private parts hygiene, such as gentle products that contain lactic acid and rinse of with the chamomile potion from time to time. It’s that easy, money saving and also, time saving habit!