A coin in the freezer?! Superstition, good luck, or something else?

Yes, you read that right. A coin in your freezer. This should become a habit for all of those who worry for your house after leaving. Especially if you’re leaving for more days, like a vacation or road trip.

checking your packaging list, making sure you locked every door and closed every window, left a key to your neighbor to feed the pets….

You’ve done it all! But leaving a coin in your freezer could do much more good for your home than having your neighbor check up every other day!

This little trick can protect your whole food stash from sudden power outages.  It is really unsafe to eat food that has been defrosted for a long time, especially if it has been cooked or pre-cooked before.

It can contain so much harmful bacteria. Not to talk about the disgusting smell that will hit you when you first open the door of your precious home.

To do this simple trick, just put a cup of water in the freezer the night before your travel. The next day, before leaving the house, just put a coin on the top of the frozen water in the cup.

This is such an awesome and simple trick not just for leaving your home for a longer period of time, but also, for everyday situations. Here’s what the “coin can teach you”.

  • If the cup hasn’t changer and the coin is on the top of the ice, the food in your whole refrigerator, including your freezer is absolutely fine to eat
  • If the penny is on the bottom of the ice, it means that meanwhile the ice melted and then froze again and you should carefully check all of the ingredients from your refrigerator stash
  • If the penny is at the middle of the cup, it should be ok to eat your food, because the power went out only for a little while, not making any serious impact on the nutritional value and bacteria in your food

Have you previously heard of this? I know I haven’t and it’s so useful and easy, I won’t miss doing this ever again before leaving for vacation.