You Never Would’ve Guessed That This Is a Mosquito Repellent !

Who doesn’t just LOVE summer and going on vacation? Especially when it’s time to go somewhere near the sea.

But, warm and wet climates also bring mosquitos and awfully scratchy bites on your skin. Thank god for mosquito repellents and lambs against their presence in our bedrooms.

The most common ingredient in every repellent worldwide is DEET. However, this ingredient can seriously harm some individuals. Do you want to know a natural remedy that everyone can take without any side effects?

Vitamin B1! It’s a key ingredient of our body and has an important role for boosting up our complete immune system, also, it’s a very good stress handler.

The best thing for vitamin B1, also known as thiamine is the fact that you can not overdose from it – you will just urinate more and get it out. It’s a natural response of your body.

So, what is the relation between mosquitos and vitamin B1?

The key thing is that this vitamin changes the way your body smells, so mosquitos are not so fond of you. Only they can sense the change and no one else.

You can either take it only as a vitamin, or you can make your own repellent including vitamin B1. In natural foods, it’s most present in brown rice, oatmeal, eggs, asparagus, yeast, liver and kale. Just eat more of this food or take B1 supplements, about 100mg on daily bases.

If you want to make a DIY homemade repellent including vitamin B1, here’s the recipe:

Take a spray bottle that is about 8oz, fill it to the half with a cooled off water that you need to boil it before. Add tea tree oil, lavender oil and witch hazel.

Shake it up and you’ve got a drink that mosquitos most definitely hate!