You Could Work And Exercise?!

People of the 21st century are spending way too much time on their computers and desk-jobs. Most of the jobs today are “leisure jobs” compared to the stuff our ancestors used to do, before the machines prevailed the physical jobs.

Being a physical worker is hard, but working from your desk or home, on a computer also has negative manifestations on your health.

Sitting for a very long time and bad posture are stuff that can bring so much bad things to our organism, such as hemorrhoids, back pain, scoliosis and other similar curvatures of the spine, slowed metabolism because of not being active, obesity and so on.

Here’s a statistic from the World Health Organization “an estimated 3.2 million deaths can be attributed to lack of physical activity. Our sedentary lifestyles are responsible for increasing our risk of diabetes and heart disease as well as a loss of muscle and bone strength.

Perhaps even more alarming is that people who exercise regularly are probably still not getting enough movement in their lives to counteract the deleterious effects of sitting too much”.

Sure, you’re not going to quit you job just because of this. However, you can manage to get some improvements in the sitting posture and even exercise a little bit while you’re in your office!

Yes, little exercises are manageable while sitting and at your desk…you don’t have to do push-ups or nothing similar. Just follow this exercise advice.

First off, let’s start with stretching while you’re at your desk.

  1. Reach for the stars – Palms and fingers towards the ceiling, while sitting down on your chair, stretching your arms, shoulders and back.
  2. Rubber neck – Move your neck around in circles, starting from left to right and then to the opposite direction
  3. Bobblehead – Roll your head from side to side, while your chin is dropped down
  4. Chest opener – Press your palms together, but with your arms behind your back, sitting up tall for 10-15 seconds
  5. Seated toy soldier – Put your right arm extended in the air, while your right foot is straight extended as much as you can, while sitting in your chair. Then, try bringing the arm as closer as you can to the foot. Repeat on both sides
  6. Shrugs – Raising both shoulders towards your ears while sitting up straight, hold them in that position for few seconds, then put them down. Repeat as much as you want
  7. Knee hugger – Bent your knee towards your abdomen, “hugging” it with both arms, straightening your back at the same time. Repeat on both knees
  8. Reach and bend – Extend the left arm above your head, reaching out as far as you can to your right side. Then gently bend over. Repeat on both sides

When you feel ready, you can make the next steps into exercising, such as:

  • Parking further away from your workplace
  • Taking the stairs instead of choosing the elevator
  • Stand up as much as you can, like when you’re at the phone, go chit-chat with a colleague instead of sending him an e-mail etc.
  • Walk and talk – instead of taking that lunch meeting, why don’t you pick up some food for the road and have a meeting while walking in the closest park or some other quiet place
  • Give your assistant a break – take your own coffee and breakfast instead of giving him/her that task
  • Try cooking – when you eat what you cooked, not only the food tastes good, but also, you put inside healthier stuff then the ones in restaurants and take-outs
  • Walk 2-3 minutes between every hour of work

Thee tips might make you a jogging or gym enthusiast, not just someone who is aiming for a better posture!