You Can Exercise Without Even Leaving Your Sofa !

Do you want to start exercising and get in better shape, but are not really the outdoor, nor gym type?

Don’t worry!

This article is made just for you!

Here are some exercises that you can do at home. Yet better – directly on the sofa, in front of your TV!

1. While you’re sitting on the floor in front of the couch, rest your hands on the edge of the sofa. Lift up your behind and try to do backwards pushups. Repeat for 20 times.


2. Lay on the sofa with your back, placing a pillow between your hands. Try to take the pillow out from your hands with both your legs, and try to take the pillow somewhere around your stomach, the center of your body. Repeat for a minute then take some rest. 

3. In this exercise, your palms are on the floor, your body is in the push-up position, straight in the back, while your feet are on the sofa cushions. Try to stand like this for a minute, then take some rest.

4. Sit on the very edge of the sofa, with your legs straight and outstretched. Take an object that’s neither too heavy or too easy for you to pick up and shift it from side to side, moving the top of your body, from the stomach up only.

5. Jump on the edge of the sofa, switching legs each time, the same way as if you were running up stairs.


6. Stretch your legs straight out in front of you and kick them alternately, while you only sit on the very edge of the sofa. This is a great strengthening of the abdominal muscles.

7. While you’re standing in front of the couch, put your legs slightly more than hip-width apart. Take a pillow and lift it up over your head, while you’re lowering your body slowly, towards a squatting position.

8. Lie sideways on the couch. Begin to slowly lift your leg as high as you can, without twisting the knee, then lower it as low as you can, without resting on the couch. Repeat on the other side in the same amount of times as you can on both sides.

9.  Sit on the edge of the sofa and lean back, while your legs are stretched and together in front of you. Start making little circles and try reaching the number 10, then start doing the same, but on the other side.

10.  Stand with your back to the couch, place one foot on the couch, and bend down until your leg forms a 90° angle. Repeat as much times as you can, on both legs.

11. While sitting on the edge of the sofa, slowly stretch your legs out,straight and together, then pull them back in. Repeat 10 times.


Keeping your arms straight, put them in front of your body, then, lower them down to the thighs before you bring them up again in front of you, and then, in the starting position. Repeat for 20 times if you can, without any rest.