You Are Mistaken If You Think a Normal Pressure Is 120/80 !

Even as early as school age, we have been taught that a normal blood pressure is 120 – the high, systolic one, and pressure of 80- for the low, diastolic pressure. It’s biology 101.

However, everything in natural sciences, unlike in the social sciences, can be proven with experiments.

And, as time goes on, the Earth and our natural environment changes, so does certain scientific facts change. Such as this one.

A study conducted by the ESC Association has proved that 120 over 80 is no longer the normal pressure for an average human.  The new guidelines suggest that a blood pressure that’s under 140/90 is a normal blood pressure.

It was believed that this pressure caused a stage called “prehypertension”.  These values are for average normal human beings, while for people with diabetes and senior citizens, a normal range for blood pressure is slightly lower.

This is probably a change due to changed climate conditions and UV rays. If you check your blood pressure and it’s somewhere between 120/80 and 140/90, don’t consult your doctor and don’t take medicine for lowering your blood pressure.

You might do more harm to your body, even more if it’s without previous consultation. You shouldn’t be worried of getting a stroke or a heart attack either.

Also, the new guidelines do not recommend medications for the elevated blood pressure category.

Rather, a long list of evidence-based, non-drug interventions are suggested, such as a balanced food diet, supplements instead of prescribed medications etc.