Why You Should Stop Sleeping On The Stomach ! (And How to Do That)

We all have different comfortable positions of sleeping during the night. However, some of them are not quite a nice habit to develop for every good night sleep.

If you sleep tight and good in a certain position, it doesn’t mean that is healthy for your overall health, as well.

Arteries around the spine get constricted, because the head is turned to the sight, and a result of this is a decrease in blood flow in the brain. This is an even higher risk for people ho have high cholesterol, because their blood vessels are already blocked, and sleeping on the gut increases the risk of leaving the brain with almost no oxygen, with can be deadly.

“Smashed” lungs

Lying on the stomach means directly lying on the lungs, as well. That makes additional breathing problems and yet again, not enough oxygen supply throughout the body.  That might just be the reason why you feel tired in the morning, even though you got in bed at time.

Stiff and sore neck

Because when sleeping on the stomach the head is almost curved on one side or the other, holding it like that can make the neck feel stiff and hurt in the morning.

Possible curvature of the spine

Sleeping on the stomach is not good for the position of the spine, as well. If you feel constant ache and stiffness in the are of the back, your sleeping position might be the problem.

Excessive heart rate

Because of not enough oxygen flow in the blood vessels, the job of the heart is also aggravated, and this could lead to serious damages, even might cause an infarct.

Cause of wrinkles

When getting up in the morning after sleeping on the stomach whole night, you probably have imprints of your pillow and your sheets all over the face. Well, those may go away in a couple of minutes, but the pressure on them, that makes the veins and arteries in the face smaller, may lead to early wrinkles and early aging.

So, how to get rid of this habit, if you can’t sleep any other way?

Sew in some hair whiters or big massive buttons on the front of your pajamas

They will make you uncomfortable during the night and the boy will naturally response with changing the sleeping position

Use an orthopedic pillow

The construction of this pillow will make you feel strangled, and sleeping on the stomach would simply not be an option with this pillow.

Use positive affirmations before going to bed

It is amazing how what we watch just before going to bed affect the brain. Start by saying “I will start sleeping on my side/back tonight” for 10 times at least.

If nothing works, don’t give up, I’m sure you’ll find a different solution for your problem, or might even just ask your partner to help you with waking you up in the middle of the night.