Why Women Gain Weight Once They Get Married?

Don’t feel bad if you’ve gained some extra weight once you got married. People have found it to be so common that they actually thought there is a correlation between getting married and gaining weight.

So, is there? There absolutely is! And you’re not alone. Women all over the world are struggling with the same thing, and these are some of the reasons why.

Your Diet Takes A Hit

Before the wedding brides feel the pressure of looking perfect, so they mostly lose weight – and fast. But once the wedding’s over, all the cravings come back and you indulge in various food pleasures. Brides usually eat the least on their wedding days because of the stress, but once the relief hits in the next morning, say bye-bye to regimes and ketos and whatnot, and say hi to gaining weight.

You Simply Care Less Now

Before you got married, you were taking care of your body the most. After people get married, their priorities change. Instead of thinking about the perfect weight, they think about how to celebrate the relationship over a nice meal. You love cooking for your husband, your husband loves cooking for you, it’s all about the love.

Stress Makes You Binge Eat

The stress of the newly weds is big, they need to learn how to live together, learn each other’s habits, share the space properly, so all this stress can lead to stress eating, which in a while it’s gonna lead to weight gain.

It Can Also Be Because Of Mere Biology

Yes, there is a biological reasons for this as well, so you can blame it on the science! There is a major emotional shift that happens in our brain when we finally find that one person we want to spend the rest of our life with. That feeling modifies the chemistry of our brains. The deep attachment and easeness  that marriage brings along releases oxytocin (a.k.a the love hormone). This rascal is the one responsible for the weight gain.


To sum up, weight gain is normal and it’s okay to go through it, as long as you remain healthy. Having an extra few pounds is really not that big of a deal, just make sure you’re not obese and unhealthy.