Why Do Older Women Like Younger Guys?

Ever heard about the expression “cougar” they even made a series on “FOX” named “Cougar town”, deliberating this exact issue.

A cougar is a word given to an “older” woman who is dating or having a sex*al intercourse with a much younger guy than her. Here are some of the reasons women like to date and spend time with younger guys, especially in their mid 30s or 40s.

Men her age are either married or in a relationship Simply put.

She has no big choice if she decides to be with someone her age. She either needs to look long enough for a partner like that, or wait for her friends to “blind date” her with some old groom.

People start dating because of the similar situations connecting them – work, sports, same neighborhood etc. For “older women” these are just hard to find.

Men at that age just might not be attractive to her

Though time doesn’t choose if it is men or women that are geting old, to be honest, women nowadays have more “gadgets” on their reach to not look as old as they are.

This is happening, especially to fit women and women who really like to take care of their body, so they might still be in competition with the younger girls, thus, lusting a younger guy. Women who take care for their looks like their partner also to take care of their looks and look handsome.

She can take the lead in the bedroom

Though we speak about a woman I her mid 30s or 40s who’s married, divorced, never been married, widowed… she has more experience in relationships and sex*al life. She can handle her boy in the bedroom pretty wise and pretty wild at the same time.

These women know exactly what men want and could be a threat for young innocent guys who just didn’t have so much sex*al experience. And men fall in love when the sexual life is good. So, to be strict, in these situations, the young guys are actually “the prey” for the experienced cougars.

She wants to feel young

Looking good and exercising might not be enough. But having a young guy, maybe 15-20 years younger than her, might really empower her and bring back her confidence and youth vitality.

Also, she could experience the teenage innocent years all over again, because conversations with young guys are just so different than conversations with guys her age, who are maybe even too mature and forgot what life was so fun about in the past…

She enjoys the thrill

The looks when constantly gets when walking down or sitting in a bar with that cute young guy who might be her son or younger relative – for some women are so enthusiastic, confidence-bursting and thrilling. Maybe it is even the thrill that she isn’t what society wants her to be, but enjoys her own life and personality. It also might be a result of mid-life crises, because not only men experience this.

Younger guys are more fun to be with

It’s always more fun to be with someone who’s just exploring and getting to know the city life, club life, travelling life etc, than to be with someone who’s experienced in many fields in life. The amusement behind the first experiences a young guy has, can also be experienced by her, when she’s besides him. This is revitalizing. Not to mention that younger guys are not so stressed about life, bills, rent, work…which leaves more time to discuss about certain topics grown – ups just forget to talk or fantasize about. 

She likes to take care of financial matters

She is her own individua, who can support her own lifestyle. Not rarely, she can also support the young guy’s needs as well. sometimes, women, especially the ones who have ben let down, cheated on, or divorced by their opposite will, tend to have more control later in life. And financial control is someone everyone needs and wants in this modern society. She feels more secure and less chances that she’ll be let don again with a guy who isn’t stable on his own feet as much as she is at the moment.