What Your Sleeping Habits Say About Your Relationship

Every couple has their own style of sleeping at night. Some of us like cuddling, others like their personal space. But have you ever wondered if that actually means something?

Well it does. Your relationship with your partner can be defined in many ways and the way you sleep is one of them. Here we go:


Tangle Position


Do you sleep all intertwined with your partner as if you’re one person instead of two? This is the Honeymoon Hug position. The name says it all – this is a really common sleeping position for new couples, fresh out of the oven, who just can’t let go of each other. The honeymoon phase of the relationship lasts around 3 months, so make sure you’re not getting too attached and dependent on each other – because this will likely pass. Then the real relationship stuff is about to come.

Spooning Position

Regardless of whether you’re the big spoon or the small spoon, spooning just generally says a lot about a relationship.

If the guy is the big spoon, it means that the guy is dominant in the relationship and takes charge of everything. This is an extremely sexual position since his genitals touch your behind. If the girl is spooning the guy, it means that the girl is too protective of the man and maybe even a bit possessive. If there is distance between the two of you in the same position, it means that you trust each other, but there’s not as much intimacy as there is in a touchy spooning position.

Cradle Position

This position is the mother of all caring and protecting sleeping positions. Normally it is the girl who rests her head on the guy’s chest and he’s sleeping on his back. The girl sleeping in this position is seeking a protector who understands her needs, both physical and emotional. Also, the man actually acknowledges her needs and gives her the support she craves. If both partners are staring at the ceiling instead of at each other, this calls for a little more communication and understanding between the couple.

Leg Huggers

If there’s some distance between your partner and yourself, but you keep your legs intertwined with theirs, then you matter to each other, but you dislike expressing this fact – at least while you are awake. You’re not ready to go open with your relationship. This also means you crave each other’s attention, but still are not ready to embrace it. There is a sense of balance and faith in your relationship, only the words have not been told yet. Also, couples who don’t like too much physical contact, but have a strong emotional connection sleep like this.

No more clinginess, we’re moving a step down. Sleeping in this position means that the partners need space and they need to spend time without each other. This is the exact opposite of the honeymoon huggers. The freedom finders are independent and don’t really need each other. They are not emotionally dependent on each other and express a clear necessity for liberty.

Distanced Together

This couple has nothing in common. Different points of view, different perspectives. They live their own life, but while being in a relationship with the other person. Usually, people who have been together for too long tend to sleep in this position, since they become really independent and just want a good night of sleep.