What your Eyes Are Telling About Your Health !

the eyes are the windows of the soul, right? Well, they can also say a lot about your overall health as well, since they manifest not only psychological and emotional condition of your organism, but they can give information about the health condition as well.

Dim vision, doubled vision or sudden losses of vision

These are all alert signs for a stroke.

Yellowish whites of your eyes

This is common for people who have a liver disfunction or liver cancer, or, problems with their gallbladder. This condition is medically known as jaundice.

Your eyebrows are disappearing from your face

The ending of the eyebrows is directly connected with disfunctions of the thyroid gland, so if the ending part of your eyebrows start disappearing, this means you have some malfunctions with this gland

Burning eyes or blurry visions while sitting on the PC or in front of your TV

This is medically called a “CVS syndrome”, computer vision syndrome. It happens as a result of the lack of contrast and brightness of the computer screens

A Stye that isn’t going away

A stye is mostly connected with infection of the upper part of the eye, called conjunctivitis. If it is a simple infection, it should go away in a week or so. But if it stays, it might be a really rare type of cancer called sebaceous gland

Bulge eyes

This is also a condition caused by thyroid disfunction, during to hyperthyroidism, which  means that the thyroid gland is being overly active

If you want to learn more deeply about the connection between your eyes and your health, look up “Iridology”.

This science became famous in the mid-centuries, but the theories this science developed lost significance due to modern science discoveries.

This science claims that the iris in our eyes, the color, the shapes and the spots can say the exact health condition of our organism. The patterns in the iris are carefully examined and then, compared to several iris images in a chart. These charts are what help identifying the problem and possible health issue.