This Is What The Little Pocket In Women’s Underwear Is Really For !

Ever wondered about the function of the little pocket on the front side of the women’s underwear? That function is actually really helpful from a hygienic aspect.

First of all, you can stop calling it “the little pocket” or “the opening” – it’s a gusset.  A gusset it’s actually not a pocket. It’s also not a place for you to stick the pad, while menstrual period inside it – I bet many of you sometimes thought that. But no, it’s not.

A gusset it’s actually a part of the women’s underwear explicitly imagined and made to preserve the hygiene of the private part.

It’s not enough to buy a special soap for your special parts if you don’t keep them safe and clean for the rest of the day. As nowadays many underwear fashion has gone completely out of the function – too keep the sensitive parts clean and hygienic, using materials such as crochet, straps and rubber.

Those materials can be very discomforting, but a woman would still wear them if they’re “sexy” or “fashionable” . the sad news is that these materials, as well as the many uncomfortable shapes underpants can come in these days, can irritate your skin, not allow it to breath etc.

But, to keep everyone happy and satisfied – the fashion industry, the men and their taste and to keep your sensuality – that’s where this “little pocket” or gusset steps on the scene!

Because it’s almost always made from soft cotton, it prevents your intimate parts to touch the irritating materials, and still be able to wear strip underwear.

It’s very important to stay dry down there and for your skin to breath and not “scratch” and irritate. It’s not only comfortable, but it’s also safe and health promoting.

Well, that’s one mystery solved today, don’t you agree?