Scientist Confirms What Happens After You Die!

Is there an afterlife? Is there a Kingdom of Heaven or Hell? Are we actually able to sense our death? Is there a spirit in our body or we just dissolve into ashes and that’s it? There are numerous questions that every human bothers about, when it’s come to thinking about death.

In the USA, one of the most developed countries in the world, a 2015 study showed that approximately 63% of the whole population believes there is life after death.

The same study showed that the more people grew older, the more they believed in the concept of “the good place” or “the bad place” people go after life, considering to what their religion spoke about.

But, what happens to our bodies after we die, from an empirical point of view?

Time of death is the time your heart stops beating or the electromagnetic pulse of your brain has stopped. Being “brain dead” is actually worse than the heart stopping, because a defibrillator can make you live without a heart, but there’s nothing that can help your brain to reanimate.

People who experienced a mere death experience, who have been brought back to life, all speak about “the light” and how it was strangely attracting them towards it

After death is declared, your body fluids tend to go out and your muscles relax in the very position that you have died. The gasses and fluids that tend to go out may make a nasty smell. But here’s an interesting fact!

Coffin birth – women may give birth after they’ve died, because of the relaxing of the muscles

Muscle contractions happen in the next few hours after death

Because there’s no blood flow anymore, there’s nothing keeping those bacteria to feast on the human body anymore and decomposing starts very fast after death occurs

It takes between 8-12 years for the body to decompose inside a coffin, beneath the ground, because of the lack of oxygen, even the decomposing process is slower

Bones need more than 50 years to decompose

Rene Descartes, a famous French philosopher believed that after death, the soul separates from the body, simply because the soul is immortal and the body is mortal. They are one whole only when the body is alive – the soul can never become dead and that’s why it separates the body in the very time of death.

Friedrich Nietzsche, the German sceptic and philosopher believed that the Universe is fractal and that we live the same life again and again, thus, we experience the moment of birth and the moment of death so many times in continuum, that can not even be counted.

In Buddhism, the similar concept is taught, except, in the concept of Samsara – the eternal wheel of rebirth, a soul is never born in the same biological body and never has the same life. It only repeats their past life’s cycle of mistakes, until the soul breaks free. That’s when the stage of Nirvana replaces the rebirth and the Samsara.

In Christianity, it is believed that there’s eternal Kingdom of Heaven for the good and loyal believers, and on the other side, there’s the Kingdom of Hell for the rotten souls and the ones with impure thoughts.

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