What Every Woman Needs To Know About Married Men Who Cheat !

If you’re falling in love with a cheating married man, get out of that “relationship” ASAP! Because they rarely leave their wives. And the whole reason behind their cheating is actually their insecurity.

You are not the first, you won’t be the last, he won’t leave his family and he’s definitely NOT in love with you.

I mean, sure, they are the guys who, you could say, “have it all” – a job, a family, a car and a career. Plus, good looking. Plus, very good in time management. It’s easy to fall for a married guy.

They are quite CHARMING

They never lie to be married, they speak about their families with high hopes and give them high credits, they are always charismatic and well-dressed.

This is a game. He actually turns on his charms to drag you into falling for him. He doesn’t speak bad for his wife and family, making you appreciate them as well as him, after which he convinces you that you’re the one and he married the wrong woman.

But he will never leave his wife, family and warm home. He will get what he wants from you and his behavior and charming character will switch in an instant…

They’re often CONTROLLING

you will see from the beginning that he will have the control over his time and activity, however, he will want all of your free time for himself. Even if he’s not actually there for you.

He will be very jealous if you’re out with friends, if you have a male sports instructor, if you’re having fun etc. if you really think about it, he doesn’t want you to be happy, he just wants you out there, always “hanging” and waiting for him.


As I said in the beginning, they never speak about their families badly, they are open they’re married from the start and also, have successful social lives and careers.

They actually want the “full package” and you might just be the last link of that chain. But, when they get you, they might just want more. Hey are also never satisfied with things that last and always need new things to keep them satisfied and amused.

They usually have MORE MISTRESSES

If you think that you’re better than his wife and she must be evil, torturing him or just doesn’t know how to keep him satisfied – you’re very wrong.

He is always “on the go” and ready to flirt with his wandering eye. He sees opportunities and grabs them. He must always have someone who’s interested in him.

Of course, this is not the case in a 100% of the cheating flings. But think about it, would you be able to trust someone, knowing the way you and him started off as a couple?