Watch TV And Tone Muscles – Without Buying Anything From The Telemarketers!

Who wouldn’t be up for this super awesome challenge to get you into shape?

Watching your favorite TV show, or even the news, while exercising and burning those piled up day calories?

Here are the easiest and most awesome exercises for couch potatoes.

1. Tone your arms

For fit and people who are in shape, you could barely say this is an exercise. Stand straight and raise both your arms straight aside. Put your forearms up from the elbos, and keep the upper arms straight and tense, Move your forearms up and down continuously, without resting for a minute. This is a great exercise to tone your arms and lose that extra belly that usually piles up around the biceps.

2. Chair/couch squats for toning your legs and butt

You’ve probably done squats in your life. Well, this is exactly the same type of exercise, with one simple modification – you should sit on a chair or your couch behind, and not rest, but get up instantly. keep your hand and neck up straight for better results.

3. Standing twist for oblique

Stand straight and put your legs wider from the knee than the hips. Put your feet wide apart. Then, put both your hands straight out to the sides. Next step is to bend your waist and try touching your left heel with your left arm, and repeat the exact same movement with your left palm and left heel. Repeat for ass long as you feel comfortable or as long as you don’t feel pain in your side ab muscles.

4. Chair body lift – for strong abdomen, arms and wrists

Again – you need a chair (the ciuch is not a good option for this exercise). Sit on the very edge, bent your knees and touch both your legs together, but let your feet on the floor. Then, put your arms on the edge of the chair and start lifting yourself up from the chair. Your arms and elbows should be as wide as possible so you would be able to maintain the ballance and avoid an accident.

5. Improving balance while toning glutes

Stand up straight and raise your hands in front of you, clasping your palms together. Then, lift your left leg, bend it to the knee and maintain your balance while you move your left foot behind your right, bending your body and switching your body weight to the other leg. Do this continuously with both legs, at least 10 times per each leg.

6. Cardio knees up

Standing straight, put your arms in front of you, bent at the elbows. Start jumping up on one leg, while your other leg is bent on the knee, touching your palms. Do this exercise for at least 2 minutes, to feel your abs working as well as your heat pumping.

7. Standing butterfly for oblique


Stand straight with your shoulders and feet wide apart. Raise your arms in front of you,clamping your palms together. Then, return your arms to the original position and repeat the exercise. This is an arm toning exercise – but also, side ab toner.
Are you a couch potato and have some other “lazy exercises” to share with us?