Vaginal Health Gets Disrupted With These 7 Bad Practices

Your vagina is really sensitive and you should take really good care of it. But sometimes, taking care of your vagina might be tricky because you end up doing some of the things you think they are right and good for it, but actually harm it.

Many doctors are giving advice on proper vagina care, but the marketing of some of the products make it impossible to know what’s good and what’s bad. That’s why we have the following list for you. Avoid these things by all means.

1. Washing It

Don’t freak out just yet, we’re not saying you should never clean your vagina, but the scrubbing and lathering with soap have got to stop. Scrubbing should be out of the question and using soap can also lead to irritation if you are sensitive down there.

Instead, just a splash of water is enough, but if you really want a cleaning solution, get yourself an unscented, hypoallergenic one and apply with your hands only.

2. Spending Too Much Time In Your Gym Clothes

You get back from the gym after a good workout and instead of taking the clothes off, you go ahead and do the dishes or take the trash out or clean the balcony because you’re dirty either way, so why not finish all the errands before taking a shower?

Sweat is the breeding ground for a lot of bacteria, on top of which is yeast infection that is so popular in the vajajay world. Once you’re done with your workout, please take off the sweaty workout gear and shower and then do whatever needs to be done.

3. Sanitary Pads

Yes, even sanitary pads can cause trouble for your private parts. If you’re sensitive, then wearing pads for a week can irritate your vagina and can lead to chafing. If pads are your go-to menstruating tool, then choose ones that are made of cotton.

4. Shaving

Shaving might seem more hygienic, but in reality it’s an unhealthy option because you’re damaging the skin on your vagina. If you want, you can trim it or groom it.

5. Having Tampons In For Long Periods Of Time

One of the main causes of Toxic Shock Syndrome is leaving tampons inside your vagina for longer periods than the recommended duration. Even if it’s not fully full, try to change it as often as you can.

6. Poor Diet

Having a poor diet is bad for your whole body, but we’re talking vaginas now, so there we go – it can cause infections and it can make it smell weird. Add probiotics in your diet, they will help your vagina grow beneficial bacteria.

7. Panty Liners

The vaginal discharge that you experience daily is your vagina’s natural way of cleaning itself, so you don’t really need the panty liners. They can irritate your vagina. Consult a doctor if your discharge smells funky or if it has weird colors.