This Woman Makes Miracles Out of Unusable Clothes

You know how some people seem to just naturally have a higher sense of fashion? Well, those are exactly the people we like to motivate to do an even better job by sharing their amazing accomplishments.

This lady you’re about to see has made the impossible – bought absolutely uses, ugly pieces of clothes and ended up working her miracles and making them into trendy, stylish pieces of art.

She is so creative that we absolutely felt the need of sharing her art and maybe she’ll give you some ideas too and you’ll be able to make something out of the clothes you don’t really like.

Trantham’s rule when she’s buying her clothes is not to spend more than $10 on any item. After all, the actual point of this is to save money especially considering how much time she puts into each of her transformations.

  1. New With Tags

  2. Peacock Applique

  3. A Skirt Becomes a Dress

  4. Dip Dyeing

  5. From Dress to Romper

  6. Lularoe Ana Upgrade

  7. Goodbye Shoulder Pads

  8. A Tropical Sundress

  9. ’80s Bridesmaid Dress

  10. From a Shirt to a Dress

  11. Stitched to Fit

  12. Sunflower Buttons

  13. Lularoe Ana Date Night Upgrade

  14. From a Dress to a Matching Top and Skort

  15. A Now Sleeveless Lularoe Amelia

  16. A Date Night Makeover

  17. A Great Place to Start