This Is Why Partners Are No Longer Tolerant Towards Your Body

Body shaming is a very common thing these days and it seems to take a toll on people’s lives more than you actually might be aware.

Obesity is on the rise in the US, and not just obesity – scars, deformities, etc, are all part of body shaming that people experience. People can be really insensitive when it comes to accepting something that might not be part of the ‘norm’ that today’s society is setting, so we wouldn’t be surprised to hear people being called fat, disfigured, disgusting, etc.

However, regardless of how toxic society might be, your partner should never take part in any body shaming.

Quite the opposite, your partner should love and cherish your body regardless of its type because if you’re with someone only for their body, then chances are that relationship is not gonna last too long, because bodies change.

Take aging, for example. We’re growing older and our bodies are changing. Hair goes gray, our bodies store more fat around the stomach, we get wrinkles, etc.

And that process is inevitable. We don’t have the flower of youth like in the fairytales to stay forever young.

It’s the same thing with short-term changes in our body. For example, your partner has no right to treat your body differently if you got stretch marks during pregnancy, or if your vagina looks different after you delivered.

If your partner is anything but supportive towards your body, you need to let them go, whether you like it or not because that relationship is toxic for you and your mental (and physical) health.