This Is The Reason Why She Rubs Aspirin Into Her Hair. Did You Know It Could Do These Things?

One of the most popular medicine that helps with pain relief is indeed Aspirin. I am 100% sure that every American household has a bottle stored at home.

But did you know that there are other various, non – medical ways an Aspirin can be used in so many different situations, besides providing a break from sudden headaches.

Save your skin.

A chemical that is contained in Aspirin, called salicylic acid can help moisturize your skin and remove the dead cells from the skin, which could help prevent the cause of acne and psoriasis. Here’s the simple recipe: 5 crushed Aspirins in a quarter cup of water and a tablespoon of honey. Apply it on your skin, on the places you think you need it the most and let it stay for 15 minutes before rinsing it. This can also unclog the pores on the skin and reduce swellings, redness and skin lesions.

Easily erase sweat stains

Visible sweat stains are not a rare thing, especially on soft and bright colored clothes. If you don’t act on time, they can be hard to remove afterwards with just a regular wash with the rest of the laundry. But, you could create a paste just like the one you could apply to your skin and apply it to the stained places. You could also use the same paste for bloodstains on your clothes.

Anti-dandruff warrior.

Again, the salicylic acid in the Aspirin and its incredible moisturizing ability can help reduce the forming of dandruff on the scalp. Just mix 10 crushed Aspirins with a calming shampoo that doesn’t contain a lot of other chemicals, to help prevent the creation of dandruff. Also, let this shampoo sit a bit longer than regularly to have a better effect.

A professional gardening tool.

Again, probably the most beneficial chemical substance of Aspirin, the salicylic acid is able to reinvigorate plants just as well as the skin. It is also capable of blocking both ethylene production and the show of mold, which are actually the two major causes of wilting in your garden flowers and plants. Just add few crushed Aspirins in the water you regularly water your plants with, or in your vase, to help your plants live longer.

A personal mechanic.

Aspirin could also help around the garage! Did you know that you could drop crushed Aspirins directly into your car battery before you pop it open. That is when your car battery “dies” on you. Again, the salicylic acid would interact with the sulfuric acid inside the car battery, and it should help it get just enough boost for your car to work once more. That is, until you get it somewhere to a proper mechanic check-up and fixing!