This is How to Make Face Shield out of Polar Seltzer Bottle

Face masks are a must, but also face shields are what’s helping us stay even safer when in contact with people. Also, this especially goes for healthcare workers who are constantly exposed to the virus and sometimes are lacking the proper equipment.

People have been getting really creative when it comes to getting proper protection because as we all know, there have been many times when we would run out of supplies – even for the medical staff because there were not enough face masks or shields.

So this entire process of making your own protection supplies last maybe a minute. It is really simple, anyone can follow it, and maybe it can even be a great opportunity to do some crafting with your kids or even just for your sake in the middle of the corona madness when we desperately need something to get our minds off things.

So regardless of whether you need it, or you just happen to have the extra time to make it for someone who actually needs it, don’t hesitate to try it out and help people. After all, we’re in this together.