Thinking Of Going Vegan? Read This First!

Being vegan is a much more drastic diet, given the fact that you would have to quit eating dairy products and eggs not just meat. However, it’ s a trend of the 21st century.

Putting the reasons of why you want to try a vegan diet for some time (maybe you just want a body cleanse), let us see actually – is becoming a vegan actually healthy and good for your overall health and body?

Here are some of the most common and inevitable facts – what happens to your body when you become vegan?

You feel weak

Tired and sleepy in the first week especially, because the body is getting used to the lack of nutrients and searching for alternative sources

You’re in lack of vitamin B12 and iron

The main producers of red blood cells, who help move oxygen around the body. You might feel nausea as well and suffer from anemia, a state where your body is lacking iron in the blood

Your taste has changed

This is due to the decrease of the levels of zinc in your body, which makes you feel less sense of taste and smell

You’ll lose weight very fast

First off, the fat layer, but your muscle will start losing in mass as well, if you don’t use supplements (such as nuts and other important and crucial vitamins your body lacks because of cutting off the meat)

The average BMI

The body mass index, which measures the fat of your body, is lower in vegans than any other fit people

  • Your cholesterol levels will also decrease, leading to a healthier cardiovascular and heart health
  • Your calcium levels will decrease, making your bone structure less firm and in terrible need of dairy supplements, or just eat more leafy greens, such as broccoli or kale
  • Your bowel movements may improve and you may have a more regular stool, given the fact that a study has showed that above 60% of the human population is actually lactose intolerant and lacks the enzyme to digest the lactose and dairy

Nothing in this world comes with a 100% good or bad attributes. Going vegan is the same. You would have to just try and see if it fits you right. But if you don’t feel right – never be too stubborn to push it!