The Way Your Partner Displays Affection Reveals What They Value in You !

Expressing love is not always something you tell with words. Or even if you’ve passed the stage of the first “I Love You’, the phrase might get boring and insufficient.

Every individual persona is different from everyone else. When it comes to love and relationships, there aren’t two people that are completely alike.

However, there are always types that look like each other, in some manner. Here are few types of partners and the things they do in relationship, and what they mean.

They are cuddly as much as you are

The cuddly types value the intimacy of their relationship. These people want to spend time together and share significant looks, crossing fingers, massages etc. a random forehead kiss, hugs from the back…all of this is cuddling, not just the things you do in bed.

Your partner is listening to you with fullest attention 

If your partner always knows how to act and react with you, when you’re nervous, sad, happy or just tired, he is a great observer and a great listener as well. this means that he/she values the trust in your relationship.

They help around the house

There are just no guy’s and girl’s things around the house – there are just days when you have more time or they have more time to do the stuff around the house.

It is really hard to find something like this in a relationship, especially when you know you’ve even had to fight for this kind of things with your siblings or your roommates. This means they value your time and are prone to equality instead of segregation.

They encourage you to achieve your goals

Most relationship are hard to survive “the real world”, because, even if you live together, you still won’t spend all your free time together – there is work, meetings, gym, coffee with friends etc.

Supporting the fact that both of you are individuals with different schedules and activities in life is very hard to find. If you have this, it means that your partner appreciates your personal space and encourages your dreams, instead of cutting your wings, forbidding you to fly your own direction. This is also deeply connected with the trust you share in your relationship and is a sign of maturity on your partner’s side.

Talking about you with their closest family and relatives

This is one of the clearest signs that you mean a lot to your partner and he/she is definitely not fooling you around.

You’re always present and invited in the house gatherings and family time meetings. This means your partner has intentions for future with you and values the relationship, because he/she is ready to make a deep commitment with you.

They often engage in PDA

Everybody wants to feel loved, especially when your partner is showing that in public. Kisses, hugs and holding hands is okay. But if physical displays happen in the eye of public too often, it might be a red flag – you never know the picture that leaves to the others, lust or love?

Do you have some other type of partner on your mind? Can you describe the one you’re dating at the moment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.