The Only Way to Survive a Free Fall from Plane !

Are you paranoid or just want to have every possible option at you mind? 

Fear of flying is one of the most expanded fobias over the world, and science approved that after the 9/11 incident, the number of people who are afraid to travel with airplanes has increased.

But, is there a way to survive the fall of an airplane, that flies at approximately 35,000 feet?  And on top of that, with NO parachute? To be real, the chances are extremely slim… but, better when compared to falling off a skyscraper.

What you would suffer during the fall?

  • Air resistance
  • Gravity force accelerating you
  • Loose of oxygen, and probably, fainting out

When you get closer to the surface of the Earth, the level of oxygen in the atmosphere will be higher and most likely you will come back to consciousness. Imagine how terrifying is to wake up from the coma and still be falling…. The point is to stay focused on your chances of survival.

If you manage to catch a part from the plane or luggage on your free fall, you triple your chances of surviving. And here’s a real life incident that proves this fact!

Back in the 1972, the Serbian flight attendant Vesna Vulovich broke the world record in falling without a parachute and surviving from unbelievable 33,000 feet!

While falling, she was squeezed between her seat and the food trolley, landing on a snowy mountain and sliding downwards.

If you don’t manage to find something to “ride down” while your free falling, your chances of survival are slimmer, but you might be as lucky as Alan Magee, an American war pilot who survived the free fall from his airplane from 20.000 feet, without anything!

Another scenario is to try using your arms, feet and the whole bodyweight to land on a safer and less painful surface. If you’re landing on water( and is deep enough), you should make a diving in position, but with your feet entering the water first, because you need to take care of the head while falling with speed of approximately 190 km per hour.

However, if below you there’s a village or a city, try landing in a pile of sand, a swamp, a tree, a tile roof instead of a concrete one, a truck or something similar with a big surface, which will prevent your body falling on different platforms and smashing your bones differently.

That way you have almost no chance of survival. If it’s winter, the snow will most likely be the best option because it softens the fall the best way, even better than falling on water.

Position your body in a way that takes as much space as possible, thus creating resistance to the air and also the ability to maneuver your body and its direction the most.

Let’s hope you will never have to use this tips in your life, but knowledge is never in vain!