The Most Basic Dressing Mistakes !

These days, what you wear seems to leave a bigger impression than it used to back in the days.

Of course it is relevant what your opinions and values are as a human, but your outside and your dressing habits leave the first impression on your surroundings. Especially on people who don’t know you yet. And you know what they say, you never get a second chance to leave a first impression!

Here are some of the most common dressing code mistakes people do.

Never wear too much jewellery

Though you have a full matching kit of jewellery, never wear them all at once! You could match the bracelet and earings, or the ring and the necklace, but never more than 2 pieces of jewellery at once!

Don’t wear “slutty” clothes

Too much skin is never a good option, except for the bedroom games. A deep cleavage combined with a short skirt or short tight panties is not a good idea. Either you show off the legs, or the upper body parts – never both at the same time!

If you’re going for a classic look, but not wearing a jacket


Don’t wear the tie, because it makes your look “feel” incomplete.

If you’re wearing a tie

At least wear it tight! Choose the right length of the tie, which should be reaching your waist, covering your pants button just a little bit.

Always wear a belt if you’re wearing a tucked in shirt or t-shirt.

If you’re going for the classic jeans and cardigan look, make sure the cardigan is long enough to cover your waste.

The teenage naked waist between the cardigan and the jeans is so 90’s!

If you wear a shirt with cleavage at the desk, don’t show off too much skin.

You should be descent and well dressed and your cleavage shouldn’t be deeper than 4 inches measured from your collar bone.

Don’t overdo it with the colors.

Also, don’t push on many prints at the same time. If you’re wearing a printed and colorful shirt, make sure your skirt or pants are one color. Wearing 2 different prints, but of the same color is acceptable.

If you’re wearing classic pants at work, instead of the ones with the tight leggings on the ankles.

Make sure your socks are always above your ankles!

Wearing the tiniest straps is never suitable for the office or an interview or a meeting with a client, even if it’s outside of the office.

If you’re wearing a shirt without sleeves, it should at least cover your shoulders.

If you’re a bragger with your designer’s outfits – Don’t be obvious.

Cut off all the visible trademarks and stamps from the clothes. Make yourself more attractive – people who understand fashion would know and ask if your clothes are from some designer or trademark.

Your belt should match your shoes.

Or your scarf should match your shoes, or your bag!

When you’re wearing a shirt with buttons at work, or at an interview or a meeting, never unbutton more than 2 buttons.

It’s a simple bon-ton.

If you’re wearing a classic outfit with a jacket

The rules are: the middle one should always be closed, the upper one – depends on you, but the lower should never be buttoned!

Do you have some other classic bon-ton rule of dressing you would like to share with the rest? Tell us in the comments below!