The Lump In This Woman’s Face Turned Out To Be A Live worm !

What would YOU do if a worm parasite was living ON YOUR FACE???

Yup, you read it correctly. A worm. On your face.

A young woman from Russia experienced this horror story, after going to the doctor’s office for a dermatological check up.

In the New England Journal of Medicine I’ve read bout this case of a young Russian woman, who went to her doctor for a check up of what she thought was a lump.

The lump was new, she never before had a lump on her face. What was even stranger for the woman to ask for medical help was that the lump seemed to be moving!

When she went to her doctor, she explained that she first noticed the lump was under her eye. She didn’t pay much attention, thinking it was a regular pimple.

But, a few days after, the lump reappeared right ABOVE her eye this time. Things got even stranger when the lump was gone, and reappeared on her limp, making her look like she was bitten from a bee. She decided it was time to ask for medical help.

When she went to her doctor, they were both horrified to discover that the “moving lump” was actually a living worm parasite moving under her skin, on her face!

The Dirofilaria repens, the medical name for the worm discover that this rare type of a worm parasite can inhabit the human’s organism through a mosquito bite.

The Dirofilaria repens attacks other mammals, such as dogs and cats as well. The infection by this parasite is well described by the CDC (the Center for Disease Control).

The larvae, the eggs of the baby worms are entering the human organism through the mosquito bite, but become live under the skin – that’s their birthplace.

Humans can’t further pass on the worms to another human or organism – only mosquitos through their bite are the hosts.

On the bright side, there hasn’t been a case like this reported in the States. Mostly reported cases with humans attacked by this parasite are recorded in Belarus and Russia – approximately 1300 reported cases from the year of 1997 until 2013!

Fortunately, the medical procedure of removing the parasite was successful, left no visible marks on the woman’s face (except the trauma that you have a worm inside your face). I don’t think she will ever go to rural areas so fearless again!