The Best Exercise Routine For Postponers – New

Do you want to work out, but never manage to find the time?
Then, this exercise routine is just for you!

The following exercises are done in 10 minutes – in your bed – immediately after waking up!

You can no longer postpone them this way, right?

1. The butterfly pose

You’re just up and still on your back – keep lying like that, just bend your legs in the knees and touch your feet together paralely,with their whole surface. Put both your arms aside from your body, with open palms looking up the ceiling. Rest in this pose for at least a minute.

2. The baby pose

Keeping the same position, just lift your legs up, crunch and bend them at the knees. Just like a baby in her mother’s belly, hold both your feet with your hand up straight, pushing yourself down as much as possible.

3. Half bridge pose

You’re still lying on your back. Basically, you’re still in bed, right? But you’re already working out! Put your arms straight aside from your body, with your palms down, and lift your back and booty, keeping only your feet on the ground and your knees crunched in the air. Like a bridge, but you’re keeping your neck and head on the ground. Feel the tight burning!

4. Lifting legs

You’re in the same position, with both arms wide aside from the body and palms facing down. You’re legs are as straight and as close together as possible. Start lifting them up from your butt, leaving your back on the ground. Don’t put them on the ground, but as near as you can – that’s the sole point of this excellent ab toning exercise. Repeat for as long as you can feel the abs burning.

5. The plank

Who doesn’t know the most effective exercise, present in every single exercise routine – it tones back, legs, arms, butt and even neck! Keep yourself in the plank pose for as long as you feel your biceps and legs shaking.

6. Touching hands behind the back

Finally – you get to sit down a bit! Sit straight or even stand up straight on the ground if you wwant – it doesn’t matter. Lift both your arms up in the air and bend them at the elbows, Put your one palm on your other elbow and push your hand as much as you can, placing the other palm on your back. Feel your own limits of stretching out. Repeat on both hands for at least 7 times.

7. Breathe and sum up

Each exercise routine should be completed with the most simple and crucial exercise – the breathing technique. This is also good to mentally calm yourself and realize the effort your muscles and body have done.