She Will Leave You Even If She Loves You !

Do you feel like things are slipping away from your hands, even though you just know your girl is so much in love with you? It might not be something different with her, it might be something you’ve been doing all along, and she’s just had enough.

According to a study conducted by a girl’s magazine, here are the most common reasons a woman would leave her man, even if she’s madly in love with him.

You belong to 2 different worlds

After she stops wearing the “pink sunglasses” which mesmerized the fact that the two of you are so very different, she might begin to notice the signs. Your friends are people she would never have contact with, you would never want to be in good relations with her family etc…however, if you care really much for her, you would change and adapt your “bad sides”.

You are childish

It is commonly known that men are more childish than women, however, if you’re not in the same field of seriousness as she is, she will leave for sure. Women adopt plans for life and family sooner than men and if you’re not in the same boat with her, she will abandon the boat.

She’s tired of giving

If you’re not there for her as much as she is for you, she will eventually leave. And men feel bad after a break up because deep inside, they know they haven’t tried their best to make everything work out, while women leave after they have every single option drained and there’s nothing left.

You don’t have the same plans

At least, not for the near future. Both strong adults know what they really want, and if that’s just not the same in your relationship case, your relationship is not made to last. Compromises can be made on small stuff, but not on big life plans and expectations.

She’s just not sure you know what you want

Being immature has much to do with this. If you’re the guy who gets easily distracted and changes plans as soon as you hear something interesting from your friends, she will think you are not stable and reliable as a person and a partner for her.

She is tired of your control and lack of trust 

A descent dose of jealousy is always “hot” for a woman. However, if you’re always sending texts, being doubtful every time she’s out without you, making her time with friends miserable, she might start to regret spending time with you.

You’re just not there for her

When she’s feeling ill, sad, tired of her work, colleagues and friends, she wants to talk it out with you as her partner, but you just want to watch the game with the guys, or watch a movie in silence…. If you’re not ready to be there for her bad times, you don’t derive her in her good times either.

She’s tired of meeting your requirements

At the beginning of your good times together, she was ready to wear and do anything to make you feel turned on and interested for her. But if you want this all the time in your further relationship, she might feel you only want superficial stuff and not exactly her for who she is and she will definitely walk away, no matter how much she loved you previously.

You are very negative

Especially towards all the “impossible” things she loves. Imagine she is discouraging towards your silly dreams and wishes?

She just doesn’t feel like she’s the only one for you

You’re constantly looking in other girls, have many girlfriends on Facebook, though you don’t really know them in your real life, are being flirtatious towards her friends…she will walk away as soon as you blink, because that’s the worse treatment to give to a girl who’s in love with you.