Shaving Hacks for a Smoother Skin

Shaving is one of those things that you just have to do often – because that’s the society we live in – and after doing it for too many years, it tends to get annoying and to be fair, not so efficient.

Our skin seems to be suffering the most when shaving because it gets drier than usual, sometimes there are cuts on the skin, sometimes we get ingrown hairs – it’s all just one giant mess, to say the least.

So how about we give you some tips on how to have smooth skin and still go about all the regular activities that you do.

1. Make Shaving The Last Task In The Shower

Let your skin soak up the water before shaving because otherwise, the pores are not open and you won’t get a close shave. That means the chances for skin damages are lower.

2. Exfoliate Before Shaving

Do whatever it takes to get your skin softer before shaving. You’ll get smoother skin only if your skin before shaving is soft. So a simple way to achieve that is to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells. You’ll see an instant difference.

3. Watch The Direction

Did you know that the way you use your razor can also help you achieve smooth skin after shaving? Start off with the same direction as your hairs and then once you’re done, switch in the opposite direction.

4. Use Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is a must to avoid skin injuries and skin damage, but if you don’t have any shaving cream, just use hair conditioner when showering. It works the same way.

5. Swipe Only Once

Don’t go over the same area a bunch of times. Just once is enough to get rid of the hairs, then you’re just removing skin cells, you’re not helping your skin with that.

6. Use Women-Specific Razors Only

Razors are different for men and women – the men’s ones might be disposable and cheaper, but they’re more harmful, whereas women’s razors might be more expensive, but they treat the skin differently, they’re more gentle and you can use them for prolonged period of times.

7. Shave In Small Strokes

Small strokes are better than long strokes ( you need to clean the hairs in between too ). It’s more efficient that way and you’ll end up removing the least amount of skin cells. Just apply gentle pressure.

8. Use Body Oil After Shaving

Body cremes or oils are going to moisturize the skin after shaving and they’ll prevent it from drying out. Never forget this step if you really want to have a silky smooth skin after shaving.

9. Get A New Razor After 3 Shaves

Don’t use your razor for more than 3 shaves, even though you might be tempted to do so. It’s not hygienic and you might end up hurting your skin, since the blades will not be sharp enough to shave with.