See How Your Baby Grows Each Month Inside Your Stomach!

Pregnancy is the most thrilling body change a woman could experience. You become a new person and your organs regenerate. Also, your skin is glowing, your hair looks majestic and your eyes are the windows to the universe. You’re the growing ground of a new life. What could possibly be more satisfying than this?

Is this your first pregnancy? Do you want to look closely at the stages of development of the baby inside your belly? Here’s a quick pick inside the womb in the months to come.

Stage of conception

Conception is the sole process of beginning of the pregnancy – the moment the egg is fertilized by the spermatozoid. The fertilized egg is starting to multiple itself into millions of cells very fast and in just 3 days from the fertile intercourse, the egg is passing to the uterus, through the fallopian tube and attaching itself to the walls of the uterus. At the very first stage of pregnancy, the placenta is starting to form. In the placenta, the egg will continue to grow.

4 weeks

Your baby is the size of a poppy seed, it is so tiny! But, structures that will eventually become his neck, legs, arms and face are developing. Also, tiny blood vessels are forming, aiming to form a heart. The amniotic sac – the “water ball” is also forming at this stage.

8 weeks

Your baby is already more than half an inch, and in this stage, the eyelids, tip of the nose and mouth are forming, though the face still doesn’t look human. However, the arms and legs are already well developed and you can distinguish them, and the fingers are starting to form.

12 weeks

At this stage, your baby is more than 2 inches of size and his/her reflexes are staring – he can move his own extremity. The heartbeat can be noticed by very sensitive and special instruments and getting to know if your baby is a he or she is just around the corner!

16 weeks 

The most important milestone at 16 weeks is that your baby is forming the fingerprints on his/hers toes and fingers. It is becoming a persona with remarkable characteristics – though the eyes are still wide shut, the color of the iris is already distinguished in this stage.

20 weeks

Your baby is already as big as a potato! Your belly might start to show at this phase, and already, you might feel little flutters like a butterfly inside the belly, just below your belly button. This are not the intestines – this is your little precious baby, starting to “make problems”. If you have an ultrasound, your baby will probably suck his finger at this point. At this stage, the monitoring of the quantity of amniotic acid and the firmness of the placenta wall are starting to be measured and followed. An ultrasound can either be 2D – where you see black and white, or, 4D – the latest technology that shows exactly how your baby looks like!

24 weeks

Your baby can do the hiccups now and reacts more to what you eat, how much you walk or push your self during the day etc. the biggest milestone this week is the sense of orientation your baby has already fully developed, so he might already know he’s lying upside down in the womb!

28 weeks

You are probably beginning to make arrangements around the house already because you’re 7 months pregnant and your baby is big and it shows! This is the month in which you’ll feel most of the kicks and turn-arounds from your baby. He/she is big enough, strong enough and moves a lot because it has enough room inside the womb. In the next 2 months, the baby will become bigger and won’t have so much room to move around as much as now.

32 weeks

You’re eight months pregnant and almost at the end. You probably have a lot of heartburns right now, can’t eat or sleep as much as you want and feel pain in the lower back. Your baby is about 4 ounces already and layers of fat are already developing under your baby’s skin. Also, at this point, your colostrum might also start – that’s the first, yellowish liquid that looks like milk and it’s sticky, coming from your swollen breasts. Make sure to use oils and creams,  so you prevent stretchmarks, and take good care of the nipples who are beginning to form for the stage of breastfeeding.

36 weeks

At this stage, you’re officially in the last 9th month of pregnancy. Between the 36th and the 40th week, you may deliver your baby anytime, there’s no strict rule! Your baby is fully developed, depending on the gender and other genetic factors, he might have a lot or not so much hair, but should weight about 6 ounces and be around 18,5 inches. The baby is called an “early term baby” if it’s born between 37 and 39 weeks, at term if it’ born 39-40 weeks, and at late term if it’s born  between 40-42  weeks.

40 weeks

You might not ever reach this stage of pregnancy, however, if you do, your baby is pushing so much on your uterus you feel like you’re going to explode. Your hands, feet and face are all swollen and you should expect becoming a mother any time now.

Tell us how you feel when you first held your baby in your arms? Was it something you could imagine before, or something that could never be imagined unless you feel it?