Relieve Back Pain Without Exercising !

Well, we have to admit that exercising is not up to everybody’s taste. However, back pain is definitely something that we all get. Mostly because of long working shifts, office jobs and bad posture. And it gets worse with aging…

Here are few poses that you could do at home, but try not doing them on your bed, because the surface you’re lying on has to be really firm.

The Spinal Twist

To be honest, speaking about my back pain, this is the most relieving pose I’ve experienced. Just lie down on the ground, folding your knees together and drop them on the side. Then, try bending the most you can with your upper body on the opposite side from where your knees are. You will feel tightness in your lower back area as well as your shoulders. Hold it for 3-5 minutes on both sides.

Knees toward chest

For this pose, you should lie on your back and straighten down your legs. Then, take one leg with both arms, bending your knee and pulling it towards your chest, as close as possible, while the other leg is as straight as possible down on the ground. Hold for about a minute and repeat 3-4 times with each leg. This way you center your body weight properly around your back.

The pigeon pose

while you’re lying on the ground with your back, try making your body into a position that looks like the number 4. So, once again, this centers the body weight on your back making it flat with the surface. Fold both your knees in the air and then, hold your one knee with both hands from the down sides, flipping your other leg with the ankle right on your knee that you’re holding.  Try pulling towards your chest as close as possible and hold the position for about 3 minutes before switching legs. You can also repeat this pose for 3 times with each leg.

The cobra pose

Lie on the ground flat on your stomach and keep your legs straight and together on the ground. Then, place your elbows and palms on the ground, pulling yourself up in the air, but keeping the lower body on the ground. Your lower back will make a curved twist and hold it in that position as much as you can, than relax. Repeat for 4-5 times. Just don’t overdo it.

Child’s pose

while you’re on the cobra pose, just put your body’s weight on your knees, like begging with your legs under your buttocks. Then, slowly move your upper body forward, straightening your hand in the elbows and reaching out on the ground as further as possible. This is a beginner’s pose that straightens the spine and releases the tension in the lower back muscles.

Bend forward touching your feet

this is a heavy one, because it demands the legs to be straight and flat on the ground, with the upper body reaching down. The point is to go down with your head, as close as possible to the knees, without bending them.