Pick the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

It’s hard to decide what color to dye your hair if you’re not sure whether it will fit you well. And us women… Boy, we always want to experiments with colors and appearances.

The thing is, you can actually determine which colors would suite you better than others, and that way, you’ll be able to pick some colors that are not going to make you look the way you shouldn’t even in your wildest nightmares. But first things first…

Determine Your Skin Tone

Simply check your wrist in sunlight to see if your skin tone is warm or cold. If your veins on the wrists appear green, then you are warm-toned. If they appear blue, in that case, you are cool-toned.

Now let’s get to pickin’…

Best Hair Colors That Will Suite Your Skin Tone

Hair Colors For Warm Skin Tone

Hair Colors For Cool Skin Tones

Best Hair Colors For Fair Skin

Don’t dye your hair dark if you have fair skin. Maybe subtle highlights, or red streaks on your hair. You can’t go wrong if you choose dark colors with vibrant undertones. Highlights are the best option for this skin tone.

Best Hair Colors For Medium Skin

Don’t go light. Stick to ash blondes and browns. The warmer, the better. Don’t go ginger, don’t make that mistake. Dark brown and plum shades are allowed. Brown, maroon, and general dark, cool colors like blue or purple would go perfect on your skin tone.

Hair Colors For Dark Skin

If you have a darker skin tone, cool-toned streaks like ash blonde are probably not gonna work out that well for you. Try some warm colors like honey-hued or dark red. It’s better to stick to darker colors and then maybe add some warm highlights.

Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin

Dark blonde and dark brown, as well as light brown is going to look just irresistible on an olive skin tone. Ash colors are also gonna look good because it’s a neutral skin tone.

Best Hair Colors For Caramel Skin

Just like with olive skin tone, the caramel skin tone goes well with dark blonde shades and dark browns, maybe even some warm highlights blended well in the dark hair.

Best Hair Colors For Wheatish Skin

Warm dark brown colors are gonna go perfect with this skin tone, as well as cool light browns.