Never Ignore This Doctor’s Advices !

Many of us ignore life advice and other types of advice, until one day we regret not following them.

However, for some types of advice, such as the ones doctor’s often tell us, may be late to start following. And it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Here are the most common doctor’s advice you should most definitely follow without any hesitation.

1. Have a weekly “day off routine”

The enormously fast tempo of living has increased the average person’s stress level for approximately 50%, compared to 20 years ago. That’s terrifying!

That’s why you should pick a day for total mind rest – enjoying nature, staying in the house – depending on what you burdened more the previous week – was it your mind or your body. And no – you shouldn’t feel guilty if you can’t always pick a Friday.

2.Learn the face routine skin care

There are tons of face products these days, and iv you use a bunch of them, you should definitely learn the timetable of their applying. First you start with the products who have “easy structure” – lotions before creams always. And choosing between creams – sunscreen always comes last!

3. Don’t leave clay masks on your face for too long

The main reason people use clay masks is to absorb the extra oils the skin release. But, if you prolongate the time of pealing off the clay mask from your face – you will definitely harm your skin, since your skin needs oil to stay smooth and young. Nobody wants extra dry skin, especially not on their face, right?

4. Drink more water if you didn’t get enough sleep the previous night

Scientific studies have approved that irregular sleep sycles directly affect the hydration levels in the human body. People suffering from insomnia, and young mothers with newborns have been tested to suffer from up to 60% less liquids in their bodies than people who sleep from 8-10 hours per day.

5. Socialize more if you want to look younger

Yes – going out and actually spending energy makes you younger than preserving your energy and staying indoors with your family and friends all the time. Going out at least once per week boosts your mental health and endorphine releases.

6. Exercise after learning

If you’re getting ready for passing the bar exam, medical exam, or an intense seminar, you should clear up your mind instead of pushing it too hard. It is scientifically approved that working out right after a session of learning improves the memory of what you have learned previously.

7. High heels are good

Wearing high heels all the time harms your veins, but giving up on high heels may also be good for the look and the health of your legs. High heels shape your calf muscles and lengthens them.

8. Exfoliate the armpits

Getting rid of the unwanted har on your armpit area is not enough – doctors advice to exfoliate the skin on this area to unclog the pores.

9. Don’t give up on chocolate

It is simple – if you want to lose some weight, you should cut on the carbs. But being too hard and eliminating all the sweets from your diet, will seriously affect your health as well as your energy levels. And there will be no amount of coffee able to restore them. Don’t give up on chocolate – just buy rich dark chocolate.