My Friend Would Stick Onions On His Dresser And I Was Confused as To Why Until I Discovered This…

Health is the most expensive gift. When it is disbalanced and ruined – a person would spent every last cent just to get it back.

However, everything that is put inside medication – could be found in “free form” outside, in nature. Very often the most precious cure is found somewhere around your house or refrigerator.

One of those great medical plants is a plant with an awful odor. And it makes you cry… it is the ONION. Back I  the early 1900’s, when people were struggling with hygiene and god and clean accommodation, the onion got its claim as a healing vegetable.  Europeans used it mostly to limit the complications that the plague brought onto them.

Also, Ayurvedics use it to cure pains and chase away the flu, for many kind of inflammation cases and for joint pain and stiffness as well.

But did you know that besides eating the onions to cure yourself, one of the best ways to

They are filled with natural ingredients that work as healing properties and they’ve been used for years to fight off and prevent illness.

Actually, one of the best uses of onions to prevent illnesses is to place it in a bowl (a cut onion) and put it on your night stand, or close to where you sleep.

Amish started this “tradition” because the odor of this vegetable soaks up the harmful toxins, micro-ogranisms and bacteria that pollute the air on a daily bases, but most easily do harm to the organism during the night. However, the onion needs to be cut because the “magic compound” , the sulfuric ingredients need to get out in the air.

If you notice in front of your very sight that the onion is turning brown, you’re witnessing the actual “magic”, because it means that the onion is soaking up the harmful toxins and other particle from your surrounding, stopping the pathogens from entering your body.

It is not certain just how long you should leave an onion, but mostly, until you notice the odor going ever worse, which would mean that your onion is rotting.

You’ve got nothing to lose, except the unwanted guests from your home air… and some other guests that wouldn’t stand that odor as well, right?