Moles On Your Body That Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

You thought that you get born with moles at certain spots without any meaning, just by a stroke of luck?

Think again. Moles have a different meaning depending on the part of your body where you have them.

Check your body on these spots and see if you have moles there. Then read about their meaning.

  1. Mole On Your Palm

If the mole is on your right palm, then you are thoughtful by nature and you like material comforts. If it’s on your left palm, it means you spend a lot of money and find it difficult to keep savings.

  1. Mole On Your Forehead

If you have a mole on your forehead, you have a strong personality and you are a determined person with strong instincts. Your leadership skills are amazing and you’re most probably very attractive too!

  1. Mole On Your Nose

People with a mole on their nose are flirtatious and like to gamble. Their personal relationships are not so much of a success.

  1. Mole On Your Cheek

A mole on your right cheek means you’re a sensitive person. However, if it’s on your left cheek, you’re an introvert and you have difficulties mingling with people and making new friends.

  1. Mole On Your Ear

People with a mole on their ears possess great intelligence and various talents. It also means that your child is going to be just as intelligent and talented as you are.

  1. Mole On Your Chin And Lip

People with a mole on their top lip love talking a lot and gossiping (think Marilyn Monroe). They’re nice to others. However, if your mole is on the lower lip, it means you love good food.

On the other hand, if you have a mole on the chin, you have a logical personality and a diplomatic mind. You’re lucky and you make easy money.

  1. Mole On Your Feet

People with moles on their feet love traveling, going around the world and exploring the unknown.

  1. Mole On Your Chest

If you have a mole on your chest, there’s a great deal of liveliness that runs through your veins. You like having fun and enjoy the luxuries that the world offers.

  1. Mole On Your Arms

If you have a mole on either of your arms, that would suggest that you’re a calm and polite person. If you have a mole on your elbow, that’s a sign you love traveling, whereas if you have a mole on your wrists, that’s a sign that people can depend on you.

  1. Mole On Your Shoulders

A mole on your shoulder, no matter which side it is on, is a sign that you have the personality of a very sensible person who thinks about their actions. You’re amazingly sociable and friendly towards most people.

  1. Mole On Your Neck

If you have a mole on your neck, that’s a sign of a very good personality. Also, you tend to have excellent luck, but if your mole is on the back of your neck, it’s a sign of modesty and enjoyment of the simple and ordinary life.