Make A Mask Against Covid-19 With Materials From Home

Remember the days when we were all so busy? Only several months ago we were fighting traffic to get to work, some of us were taking our kids around to their activities, we were too busy to even think about all the things we can make and not buy. Perhaps it seemed like your weekend would always either fly away or like it was always full of events to attend. Remember when you were thinking you’d give anything just to be able to stay at home for a while and just relax?

Well, those days are here. I’m not saying that we’re not busy during a quarantine, quite the opposite, many of us need to go about all their obligation and plus taking care of children who just can’t understand why we’re trapped at home. We’re also working from home, but things have definitely slowed down a bit and there is so much evidence supporting that.

This might just be the perfect distraction for your kids who just can’t sit still.

As you are quite aware by now, face masks are a must nowadays, but they can be really hard to find. It’s fairly easy to sew a mask if you’re handy with a sewing machine, but what if you’re not? Well, don’t worry, we got you covered. This is easy-peasey-lemon-squeeze and you will love it.

Check out the video below.