Keeping a Lemon In Your Bedroom Could Save Your Life !!!

The material world where we live and all that we are surrounded with and what we see, is a simple matter of energy, as Einstein has proved.

However, in this world there are both – positive and negative energies. These energies have a huge impact on our mood, health and everyday lives, no matter if you’re among the ones who trust or don’t trust in the existence of paranormal activities and spiritual world.

In today’s article we are going to discuss the benefits of lemon in your household – against these “dark matter” energies! Yes!

Feng Shui practitioners and Taoist and Buddhist monks have used lemons in their practices for as long as they have existed. They believe that lemons are the fruit that can keep a balanced life, not only a balanced organism and health.

Here are a couple of old Buddhist secrets on how you can bring back the calmness, well-being and positivity in your life and household.

Salt + Lemons

You should cut a lemon in 4 slices and place grained salt inside each slice before putting them together back again. Make sure the salt stays inside the lemon and then, put it in the entrance of your home.

It is believed that this will stop the negative energies and bad karma to enter your house and spread among your dearest members.

This will also absorb the negative energy from the people entering your home, so you will also protect your guests, and not only your house. Repeat this every day for a week, replacing the lemon each day. You’ll feel blissful and energetic in no time!

Lemon Juice

Besides being a great anti-oxidant and immunity boost, lemon juice can be also used for cleaning your jewelry and other accessories and gadgets around your home. Lemons mixed with warm water will not only shine u everything, but will also cleanse your belongings from the bad vibes and negative charges.

Leaves of Lemon

It is believed, especially among natural medicine practitioners that if you consume the leaves of the lemon daily, before bed time, you can increase your stamina and energetic level even while sleeping, otherwise, you are most vulnerable and week while you sleep.

Traveling with lemons

Lemons can as well protect you outdoors, as they can indoors. What you’ll notice immediately is the fact that the lemon will dry out quicker than if you leave it at your home, and that is because outside we encounter more bad energies, so the lemon absorbs them and thus – it dries a lot faster.

Boost of Energy

Not only that lemons can repeal bad vibes and negative energies, they can also attract peaceful energy and love.

Even more, in spirituality and Alchemy, it is believed that lemons are the fruit of Gods, which came from the element of Water, while grapes, the Ambrosia of Gods, came from the element of Earth.