Is Your Relationship Worth Saving? Here Are 10 Signs It’s Not

Relationships sometimes break apart. People grow apart, they start liking different things, they start liking someone else, sometimes things just go wrong. And sometimes things can be reversed, the relationship can be saved and the partners can go back to where they were before the relationship broke down, or they can even be happier than that.

However, there are different scenarios where that is not the case. Sometimes saving the relationship or the very process of it is only going to make both partners more frustrated and unhappy than they already were with the relationship to begin with.

It’s never easy to let go of a person whom you’ve spend a long time with, but if that person is not the right one for you, then you are better off alone, and as much as you want to save the relationship, you’ll need to resist the urge and find out what’s actually best for you and for your mental health.

These are 10 signs that your relationship is just over and you will need to move on:

1. Your partner avoids spending time with you.

Spending time together is the whole purpose of being in a relationship, and if your partner doesn’t want to do this, then that defies the purpose, which means, that relationship is already dead.

2. You feel like a totally different person than you were before.

Partners are not supposed to change you or expect you to change to accommodate their needs. The relationship needs to be a place where you both grow together, but not changing each other to fit the other’s views.

3. You are no longer each other’s go-to person.

If you don’t feel like you can share your deepest concerns with your partner because you’re afraid he won’t understand you, then that relationship is not worth saving. Your partner always needs to be the first person you’ll go to when in doubt, even about the relationship itself.

4. Most of your conversations turn into fights.

If you lack ways of proper communication and you end up fighting instead of talking more often than not, then we’ve got some bad news for you. Fighting is not the new normal, fighting is healthy, as long as it has a purpose to improve the relationship and to point out something, but you can’t fight about everything and build a life with that person.

5. Your heart no longer flutters at the thought of your partner.

No butterflies? No warmth? Then it’s just not right.

6. Your partner is all “receiving” and not “giving.”

You need to give as much as you get in a relationship – otherwise, if both partners are not happy, the relationship gets toxic.

7. Your relationship feels dry and boring.

Getting the thrill back is possible, but both of you need to want that. If you just can’t be bothered to do anything with your partner, then it’s time to end it.

8. You are not growing in the relationship.

Personal growth should be part of the relationship, for both partners. If you’re a supporter, but not a grower, then your relationship is toxic.

9. You are not on your partner’s priority list.

You always need to be the first on your partner’s priority list – no matter what. Only your children are allowed to come in between.

10. You don’t feel loved or wanted.

Needless to say that love is why a relationship starts usually. If there’s no love, then what’s the point?