If He Cheats On You, It’s Because of His Zodiac Sign

Some people just cheat because it’s how they were born – and although cheaters are never to be taken as a joke – at least here we can explain the behavior behind some people and the reasons they tend to cheat.

All the zodiac sings have their good sides and bad sides – but when it comes to cheating, some are just better than others. Here’s the full list for you to read:


A Cancer man doesn’t usually cheat, he is truly devoted to a single partner all his life. If a cancer partner cheats on you, then you must have failed to recognize his love and everything he’s been doing for you, you don’t appreciate him enough and you’re incapable of dealing with his emotion overflows. They always feel guilty afterwards though.


Leos are independent and they love sex. They cheat for fun and there’s nothing really you can do to stop this behavior. If he cheats on you once, he’ll cheat on you again – it’s up to you whether you want to keep this up and stay with him.


The Virgo man is very committed, but when it comes to having arguments with their partners, they can’t handle disagreements and they seek solace in other people. Usually they’re not cheaters, but if there is a misunderstanding in the relationship, they might as well do.


The Libra man is going to do everything in his power to keep his partner happy. They enjoy the stability that a strong relationship offers and he doesn’t cheat.


Scorpios are passionate, amazing lovers and they cheat just because they need the thrill and the ‘new’. They can be really faithful in a relationship as long as their partner is providing them with the right amount of mistery and sexual tension. Once it gets boring, the scorpio is on his way.


A Sagittarius man is impulsive, that’s why he is likely to cheat. If that’s a thought that gets into his mind, then he will do it. They can’t really tell the difference between a significant love and a fling.


Capricorns are too honest to cheat. They can cheat though if you’ve cheated on them or let them down in some way and now they just wanna get back to you, but other than that, it’s almost not an option.


This zodiac sign is the least controlling of all – but he will stray if you stray. If you remain loyal, then he will too.


Pisces cheat because of scenarios that happened only in their heads where you somehow let them down. They’re very emotional and for them to cheat it means that you must’ve hurt them deeply in a very specific way.


Aries seek fresh romance. They make things so adventurous in the beginning, and then once the fire goes down, off they go to find the next big thing.


Taurus men crave security and if they’re not getting the right amount of security with their partner, they may be unfaithful. He’s really committed though.


Gemini go for energy. If he cheats, then the person he cheated on you with had better energy than yours, and that’s a fact.