How to Lose Weight With Every Glass of Water You Drink !

The human body is made out of about 80% of water. And water needs water, though we are not in need of water as much as fish are.

Not drinking enough water during the day can lead to hard stool, headaches, fatigue, dehydration and other health disbalances.

However, do you know that also drinking warm and hot water has extraordinary health benefits?

Menstrual pain

Drinking hot water can make those menstrual cramps go away. The heated water has calming effect on the internal abdominal muscles, similar to the effect a hot bath or spa could have on your whole body.

Weight loss 

If you inhibit this simple daily habit, you will lose weight for sure. Start your day with drinking one glass of hot water, mixed with one lemon and a spoon of honey. This speeds up your metabolism, but also, dissolves fat tissue.

Detoxify your body

When you drink hot water or tea, you rise the temperature of your body, thus making it sweat. The more you sweat, the more toxins you release. No wonder you drink hot drinks and soup when you catch a cold.

Prevent premature aging

Probably the best benefit of drinking hot water! Preventing premature aging is connected with releasing the extra toxins in our bodies, that make your organs age faster. Also, hot water repairs the skin cells that produce elastin and make the skin look smoother and shiny.

Prevent acne and pimples

Because of the detoxification, your skin will also stay smooth, and glowing.

Your hair grows more

Hot water boosts the activity of the roots, accelerating the growth of your hair, as well as the strength of the hair.

Enhance your blood circulation 

If you want to improve your circulation, drink hot water. Additionally, you will keep your muscle and nervous system healthy and break down the fats that started depositing around.

Assists with nasal and throat problems

Drinking hot drinks is the natural and oldest remedy for colds, sore throat and coughs. It helps remove phlegm out of your respiratory tract and providing relief from sore throat. Hot water is great for nasal congestion as well

Better digestion

While drinking a glass of cold water after a good meal may harden the natural oils in the food, drinking hot water after a meal can actually improve digestion, releasing the abdominal muscles and the natural oils in the food.  

Bowel movements

As we mentioned in the beginning, dehydration can lead to a hard stool, which can further lead to a slow metabolism and painful bowel movements. Hot water helps remnant foods to decompose, making the bowel movement smoother through the intestine

Drink a glass of hot water every day on an empty stomach and replace that cold glass of water after a meal and you will boost your metabolism.