Here’s What Your Birth Month Says About Your Love Life

The birth month influences a lot of aspects in our lives and it sort of determines to some extent our character and personality. But what you didn’t know is that your birth month can also say a lot of things about your love life as well.

Here are some of the things your birth month says about your love life. Let us know in the comments if the stars are right.


If you are born in January – the first month of the year – then most likely you are a very charismatic person to whom people are easily drawn to. You can almost always pick a partner of your choice. You have a very romantic heart and when you find the partner that is worth your time, you don’t hold back – you show them how much they mean to you. Your priority is to keep your loved one happy and to keep the peace at home.


Being a St. Valentine baby, your main purpose in life is to find the right person for you. Since you’re always looking for relationships, what you actually need to do is try to be more independent and not get extremely attached to the person you are with. You are attractive and this tends to draw people to you, but make sure you’re choosing a partner wisely so you don’t end up getting hurt.


Ahh, spring… Okay, let’s see…  You’re extremely popular among the opposite sex, but you’re having difficulties maintaining relationships. The reason for that is you can’t focus on only one person. You fall in and out of love too quickly. The March borns need to make up their minds and control their wandering eyes.


Bossy and stubborn by nature, this tends to be a major turn-off for your potential partner. However, your charisma makes the lovers attracted to you so what you really need to work on is controlling your emotions. But look on the bright side, when you’re in love usually you shower your partner with all the affection in the world.


Marriage is a big deal for you and you are faithful and caring towards the person you love. You are looking for a partner that’s going to be invested in a long-term relationship and you take great joy in showing your lover how much you love them. You’re a social butterfly and you always have a choice when it comes to picking the right person.


You’re a hopeless romantic, but also a tiny bit jealous. You need to learn how to control your jealous bouts. You also need to learn to let go of the painful experiences and stop living in the past, or otherwise, they could affect your future with the new partner. You absolutely love to show affection to your partner and you are an amazing lover.


You do care for your partner, but sometimes you can get too cynical and sarcastic, so you might find it hard to express your love to the fullest. Deep inside you know you’re ready to do just about anything to protect the person you love, but since you generally are happy alone, you need to put in double the effort to keep the partner of your dreams.


Marriage is not a joke to you, so you don’t encourage casual relationships, but you’re looking for the one. You too have this streak of jealousy in you, but you know how to balance it. You tend to see the best traits in your partner and overlook their flaws. This is a great quality you have, which makes you extremely desirable.


You’re naturally friendly, so it’s not hard for you to find an ideal partner. But the thing with you is that once you actually do commit to someone, you start closing yourself. You are extremely secretive, which prevents your partner from having access to get close to you. Once you get past this issue, you are sensitive and caring. Open up!


You are very devoted as a partner, but can get jealous. Check your urges to keep scores while you are in a relationship with someone in order to truly be happy. Don’t be hurt by every little thing and keep an open mind. It is highly possible that your partner had no initial intention of hurting. You are a beautiful person.


You are an introvert, so it’s very hard to find yourself your special someone. You like solitude and doing things by yourself, despite being emotional and people, so it’s hard to make sense of your ever-changing moods. What you need to do is learn to control these mood swings if you want to find love. Try looking for someone who understands your need for space and gives it to you.


You have an amazing personal life. People are naturally drawn to you and you can get into a relationship anytime you want – you are extremely loyal. Your loved one perceives you as an honest and invested person, but you need to make sure they realize you have your own circle of friends, so they don’t get too jealous.