Here’s What Happens If The Woman Makes The First Move

Women are peculiar creatures. They are highly emotional and they have a very straightforward way of approaching problems. Some of the greatest researchers are now women, as well as doctors, engineers, etc.

Women are slowly but surely reaching equality with men and the same can be said in the field of dating too. Nowadays, more and more women are approaching men first and they make the first move.

Back in the past, women were expected to be approached to by men and assess the man’s chivalry and decide whether or not she will give him a chance. However, that way, many women missed out on going out with some of the guys that never seemed to show an interest for them – and that just might be because those same guys were too intimidated by some aspect of the woman’s life and they just weren’t sure if they have the right to even ask that women out. So they didn’t dare.

However, now things are shifting and women are becoming more comfortable in approaching guys and asking them out, even if that results with a rejection – they are ready for that scenario too because they are bold and independent.

Also, another great thing about women who are asking guys out first is that that very step is making guys feel more special, it’s making them immediately interested because odds are they haven’t gotten a proposal from a woman, so they are most likely to accept the proposal – unless they are already taken.

Relationships in which women made the first step tend to last long because the women in those relationships are more open with their partners and they have a different intimacy level unlike when they were asked by a man first.