Get Rid of Foot Pain In a Second !

The feet are very important for the overall body health and the posture, because we use them all they long. Walking, standing or sitting – they have a big function throughout the whole day.

Reflexology is a separated medicinal science, which puts the feet in the center of the interest. This science claims that the feet are the center of the body and that all energy meridians flow though them. Acupuncture, as an ancient method also uses this same statements and knowledge.

In each foot, there are exactly 38 bones! And each bone is properly connected with ligaments, tiny muscles and other connective tissue. It’s obvious why a foot massage can relief stress in a minute!

Here are some easy exercises and positions you can do yourself to ease the pain in your feet, make them stronger and relax them after a long day.

Sit on a chair, putting your feet flat on the floor.

Then, cross your left foot over your right leg until you manage to get your left ankle on the right knee. Placing your fingers in the gaps between the toes, rock the toes back and forth.

Rock out

Standing up straight, with your feet separated as wide as your shoulders from one another, slowly move the weight of the body to the outside of each one foot. Gently rock to the other side, carefully minding your weight and balance. Repeat it few times and also, it is good to do it on both – inside and outside of the food surface.

Rub with a tennis ball

Stand up straight next to a wall, because you’ll need it as a support. Beneath the soft arch of one foot place the tennis ball. Roll it from heel to toe, putting as much weight and pressure on that leg as you can handle with the balance. Repeat for about 10 minutes on each foot.

Raise toes

While you’re standing up straight and your legs are not even widely separated, nor standing together, stretch your toes up, towards the celling, as much as you can. You will feel stretching in the little muscles in the gaps between the toes and the foot. Slowly putting them back on the ground, repeat for many times, or for 10 minutes.

Toe lift

While standing with your toes upward, lower down just the big toe and hold for some time. Return to the original position and repeat it for 7-10 times.

Ankle stretching

Wit on the ground, placing your foot through a loop from the resistance band. This will keep the bottom of your foot resting against it. Then, bend the toes towards the ground and hold in this position for 10 seconds before returning in the starting one. Repeat it on both legs for few times, but 7-10 times per exercise is just perfect.

Though it might be really obvious, but proper footwear is the first thing to prevent pain in the feet and the back. High heels are nice, but not for every day.

Another awesome thing to do when you can is an ancient technique called “earthing”, which is a therapeutic name for actually standing barefoot in the ground.

This helps for the free energy to flow between the Earth grounds and our bodies, connecting and releasing energy and also, stabilizing the body’s basic biological rhythms.