Genius Girl-Hacks !

Every housewife, every handy-man, every profession, basically, has their specific hacks.

Here’s a “starter pack” of girly tips and tricks to save time, money, effort and nerves.

Pencil for curls

Twist your hair over a pencil and heat each lock with a flat iron.

A tissue against hair electrifying

If you put a soft tissue directly onto your hair brush, in the way that only the brushing ends stick through the tissue, it will prevent electrifying your hair and also, the hair that comes out wont stick to the brush at all!

Starch helps greasy hair

When your natural curls or the rest of your hair looks amazing, the oil looks terrible on your roots. To prevent this – use starch or talcum powder to the roots of your hair.

Mascara conceals growing hair roots

If your roots begun to show earlier this month and you still haven’t scheduled an appointment at the hairdresser – just use a mascara to cover those showing roots in no time!

No-tongs curls

Just make your half dry hair into twists, one or more, depends on which type of waves you’re aiming for. Dry off the twists with a hair dryer. That’s all!

Toothbrush for volume 

A toothbrush has very thick little hairs on it, which make your hair electrify and go up in no time. Have an old toothbrush for this type of need

Lavender for luxurious eyelashes

To promote the natural volume and length of your eyelashes, add few drops of lavender oil into your mascara.

Day to night make up

If you’re in a hurry to go out and don’t have time to wipe off your daily make up, just use a cotton swab to shade the make up you already have on your eyes, making it look foggier.

Change the shape of your make up brush

You don’t have to buy all sorts of make up brushes, you only need few and a hair pin! It can be amazing how many shapes you can achieve with the hair pin on the brush!

Lipstick on your teeth

Forget about this awkward and unpleasant “surprise” by simply putting your finger in your mouth and putting it out. It will take out the excess of lipstick you have put on your mouth.

Aspirin for hair strength and remove the red spots

An aspirin scrub will make your skin smooth and help dispose of red spots. Take a couple of tablets, wet them in a small amount of water, apply to your face, and wash off in five minutes.

Crush a couple of aspirin tablets and put them into your shampoo. This will make your hair look stronger, shinier, and you’ll also get rid of dandruff.

Band-aids for your bra

Just put band-aids on the places where your bra-wires are going out and making you feel uncomfortable, instead of buying a new bra!

Antiseptic against sweating

Though you use deodorant, unpleasant smell might still occur because of bacteria spreading.  Prevent this by applying antiseptic to the area where you experience this problem.

Hairspray in your shoes

Will prevent sliding and gliding of your feet inside the shoes, whether they’re a bit comfortable or your feet get sweaty.

Coffee as a scrub

Not only coffee lifts the skin because of the caffeine inside, but it also rubs the dead skin cells off your skin, making it look smoother and shinier. Plus, it smells awesome, right?

Have some more helpful girly hacks you use? Share in the comments with your “girl power community”.