Don’t Do This – It Kills Your Kidneys In a Very Short Notice !!!

Your body is a perfect clock-working mechanism. The function of each organ is crucial and extremely important.  The function of the kidneys is filtering and detoxifying the waste out of everything we intake daily in out bodies.

Did you know that the kidneys filter approximately 120-150 quarters of blood every single day? Out of that, 1-2 quarters of urine is produced, which is absolutely crucial for body detoxification.

Here’s what most of us unconsciously do daily which ruins our kidneys and disrupts the balance of the whole organism.

Not drinking enough water

Water helps dissolve toxins and also, make more liquids and urine to take the toxins out of the system. An average person should drink about 12 glasses of water daily – a dose we rarely seem to achieve with all the sodas and beers.

Too much salt

Eating too salty foods would increase the sodium level, which is what makes the kidneys to work twice as much and 4 times as hard than usual, just to keep your body safe from the extra sodium and toxins. Don’t eat more than 6 grams of salt daily!

Not urinating frequently

Of course, you shouldn’t be like a child and go every time, without seeing the situation you’re in, such as a date, a meeting, public transport…but holding your bladder for too long can cause serious damages to your kidneys!

A high protein diet

If you overdo it with the proteins, such as the ones coming from red meat and dairy products, can increase the risk of getting a kidney disease. A study has proved that “The byproduct of protein digestion is ammonia – a toxin your hard-working kidneys need to neutralize. More protein means more effort for the kidneys, which can, over time, lead to decreased function”.

Too much alcohol

Having alcohol in your blood is something that is un-natural for the body, so normally, the kidneys would work extra hard to process it. Having few drinks occasionally is quite OK, but regular drinking and in great amounts is just like entering a death race!

Too much caffeine

Can devour the insides of the kidneys, because caffeine, besides being a wake- up call is a really strong toxins for the natural body’s balance of pH.

Regular use of analgesics

Analgesics have been created to help and boost the body to prevent diseases when it can’t do it by itself. However, being on analgesics constantly isn’t the natural state of being.

Analgesics are toxins that help the body to create more antibodies when it is attacked by bacteria and flu. However, the analgesics are also toxins that if persistently are found in the body, can gravely endanger the health of the whole organism, and also, overburden the work of the kidneys to release the extra toxins out of the body and restore the natural balance.

As you can see, kidneys have quite a remarkable function in the balance of the organism – detoxifying. They perform many vital functions, such as making blood cells, maintaining strong bones and body firmness, making hormones that regulate the blood pressure….

Make sure you keep them healthy and detoxify your body, work out more and be careful on these previous symptoms we mentioned!