Dogs Can Literally Smell Bad People !

“A dog is a man’s best friend”. After reading this, you will be even more sure in this famous saying.

A notorious fact was proven with the last study performed in 2017. Dogs can really tell if a person is good or bad! A dog can sense if someone has impure intentions and bad plans towards their owner, and this truly makes dogs your best friends!

A study that was conducted in 2017 by Akiko Takaoka in the Kyoto University in Japan had a purpose to find out – whether a dog is really a good detective and can the dog “smell a lie”?

34 dogs from different backgrounds and breeds took part in the experiment.

The experiment was divided into 3 stages:

In the first stage

The point was to see whether the animal is intelligent or not, testing the dog whether he trusted his original owner or not. Their owners were asked to point out a container of food and see if the dog would run towards it. Thus, the scientist would conclude that the dog is intelligent and understands what the owner is “telling him to do”

In the next stage

The owner should lie to the dog, pointing out towards a container which didn’t contain food or anything at all. The tricked dog would become stressed, nervous and start barking when the owner repeated this action, thus, expressing the disappointment towards their respected owners

In the third stage

The dogs didn’t obey the order of the owners who lied to them in the previous stage. The dogs that weren’t lied to always went towards the container which was pointed out for them.

The experiment showed that dogs have a sense of “smelling a lie” and want to be certain. Dogs develop a special cognitional experience that can tell whenever a person is unreliable – body language and actions that the individual does are translated in the dog’s brain in this way.

A similar study conducted by the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews showed that dogs can “read the signals” between their owners and other people. In this study, dogs ere given a treat by people who weren’t their owners, but who were asked to help their owner previously, before they give a treat to the dog.

The majority of the dogs ate from the individuals who helped out their owner and vice versa – didn’t even go towards the tasty snack in the hand of the individual who did nothing to help their owner. This proves that dogs also understand are social language and can “read” gestures and “smell” feelings.

This proves that dogs are way more intelligent than we’ve ever thought!

If your dog barks against some of your friends, neighbors or even your partner – trust him. Try to find out more and be “a snitch” just like your pet-detective is!