DIY Environmentally Friendly Halloween Costume !

It’s October once more, and we’re only 10 days away from another amazing Halloween season! The stores are already flooded with unimaginably awesome costume ideas and all the possible spooky movie and cartoon characters.

However, most of them include a lot of plastic and nylon in them. And probably won’t last to meet another Halloween, but would be put in the garbage right after the holiday.

Would you like some eco-friendly costume design suggestions? Plus, you get to be creative and make a “creative mess” in your house, which is rather easier to clean than the regular mess you make daily.

Mario and Luigi

The famous PlayStation brothers are perfect for best friends or for actual siblings to dress up! And they’re an easy costume to achieve as well! all you need is a bright green T shirt and a red T shirt, a pair of dungarees, two hats and a crayon or eyeliner to draw mustaches on the face! You might also need a marker to write down the letters on those matching hats.

A skeleton

This is a classic Halloween costume that you can do at home in no time! You will need: white paint or a glow in the dark paint, which would be more awesome, but we leave that to your personal choice, and an all-black outfit, possibly some old clothes you don’t wear often anymore. Put them on the ground and iron them well, so that you have a really smooth surface to draw on. Using different sizes of brushes, paint the bones of the human body (you can watch from a picture) from the one side first, letting the dye dry off, and then, on the other side as well. this is a classic costume you can use over and over on Halloween, or you can just let it hang in front of your door next year and spook off people!

A Pirrrrate

This outfit could ask for a rummage through some second hand clothes shops, or even your old wardrobe closet. For the extra touches, probably all of us have some old accessories from back in the days, lying around the house somewhere. And if you have an actual trained parrot – this is the complete touch of this great and easy to make Halloween costume!

A ghost

Well, pretty sure all of us watched Scooby Doo even once in our lifetime. All you’ll need to dress as another classis – a ghost for Halloween, is an old white long cloth and some scissors to cut open holes for your eyes. Make sure you practice the ghostly “Oooooooo” to really spook away passer-byes and also, work on the element of surprise – hide behind a tree or a house and wait for your next pray!

A Black cat

This is more of a “sexy-costume” than a Halloween one if you’re asking me, but hey, you’re free to dress whatever you like! All you will need for this costume is an eyelines to draw the nose and the mustaches of the kitten on your face. You can make a stuffed tail out of an old black cloth and some old cloths inside as well. the ears you could make out of black and pink cartoon, staple them together and Voila! Purr-fect!

What you gain from making your own Halloween costume?

  • Creativity
  • Fun time with friends and family
  • Saving money
  • Saving the environment

Any other ideas for DIY Halloween costumes you’ve already tried? Share with all of us in the comments below!