DIY Cleaning Wipes !

I just love when I read a good DIY! They can be so beneficial, mind- relaxing and money saving habits!

The DIY that I’m about to share with you is a nice and easy trick, that can make your home shine in a minute and save money in your pocket.

There are so many housekeeping things that flowed the cleaning market, and the pre-moistened cleaning wipes are definitely something that we all came to love and use in our homes.

However, after a while, I noticed that I was spending much more money and also, producing a lot of waste at the same time. So, I decided to make my own solution that could save me some cash. On the bright side, it came up to be more efficient and effective than the market bought cleaning wipes!

Here are the ingredients!

  • Distilled water – using distilled water to pre-moisten the cleaning wipes reduces the chances of getting mold growing on the wipes and them catching an awful odor with time.
  • Rubbing alcohol – this is a quite cheap disinfectant which is very useful and effective especially with breaking down sticky gunk
  • Simple Clean essential oil blend – its fresh and clean scent is a great addition to many home cleaning products
  • Dish soap – because nothing is more effective with grease as dish soap is!

That’s all from the things you’ll need to make your own cleaning wipes. Oh, yes…and you probably also have around your house a mason jar and some old cloths you don’t use or some old clothes you don’t wear.

Here is the procedure of making.

Add all four substances in the mason jar and gently swirl them to mix them in a homogenic mixture.  Add the cut cleaning cloths inside, until the mixture has absorbed into the cloths. Than, put the lid on the jar and turn the jar upside-down for a bit, leaving all the mixture to soak in the cloths really good.

Voila! That’s it!

Have you ever tried this at your house? What would you say? And do you use some other ingredients? Share in the comments below.