Dangers of Gel Manicure !

Manicure is a top fashion trend! If you don’t have your nails done, you don’t have the complete look nowadays. When you pay to get your nails done, you at least want them to last as long as possible.

That’s where gel manicure comes on stage. The silicone gel nails can easily last for a month, while you do all the tasks at home. However, studies lately show a growing possibility that this kind of manicure can cause skin cancer!

If you haven’t ever had a gel manicure before, let me explain the procedure. The gel is applied on the nail and in order to get strong, you don’t just need time to pass – you need strong light.

That’s why a UVA LED lamp is used.  You place your hand under the lamp for about 2 minutes and wait for the gel polish to harden up. And did you know that UVA light is stronger than UV rays of the sun? 

The UVA rays penetrate the skin faster than the sun rays, and also, much more deeply. That’s why studies show an increased risk of the possibility of getting skin cancer while having often gel manicures.

A Dermatologist from North Carolina, Dr. Chris Adigun noted that “UVA ray exposure increases your risk of skin cancer, and you have to have UVA exposure to cure a gel manicure.

While we don’t know for sure if gel manicures can cause skin cancer, it’s a good idea to protect yourself from the risk.” Deep penetration of the UVA rays also makes skin more wrinkly and sometimes, even white spots, different than the skin’s pigmentation can occur.

If you still want to get a gel manicure, first, protect yourself with extra layer of sunscreen, or just cut some old gloves, leaving only the fingertips naked. However, protect your skin from direct sunlight. If you’re pregnant, just don’t get a gel manicure! It may harm your baby.

Also, if you’re takin some medicine, it makes your immune system and skin even more sensitive, so be extra cautious and don’t visit the manicure when you’re feeling ill.